1. mikael_schiffer

    My New One Plus One (Day 1 Impressions)

    Got my new One+One today, which my bro ordered in Delhi. Its not a new phone anymore, since so many people already have it, and there are tons of reviews online with better photos. So what i will do i compare it with some devices i have. The model i got is 64GB model, which is the sandstone...
  2. Worried From Bugs

    IPL Windows 7 Themes

    Hello Digit Users, I have created 9 IPL team themes for Windows 7 users. If you are Windows 7 user then you can use it on your computer. Following are the themes: Chennai Super Kings Windows 7 Theme Deccan Chargers Windows 7 Theme Delhi Daredevils Windows 7 Theme Kings XI Punjab...
  3. TeckKy

    5+ Themes for Windows 7/Vista from transformation packs...

    [UPDATED] 5+ UI Themes for Windows 7/Vista from transformation packs... Themes Created from Transformations Packs, More Themes More Fun, New Themes Added: Android | iOS | WP7 | Zune ++ Wallpapers, Cursors, Sounds(1) NOTEs: Theming steps are within the packs. Needs 7z extractor to...
  4. socrates

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support
  5. Worried From Bugs

    Best Windows 7 Themes Hub - Self Creation

    I have created some of the best Windows 7 Themes, in this article will share them all. If you like my work do comment below. Amazing Spiderman Movie Theme for Windows 7 Download Micky Mouse Windows 7 Theme Download Donald Duck Windows 7 Theme Download Counter Strike theme for...
  6. sygeek

    New theme for Digit forum

    Post your suggestions for a new forum theme you would like to see. Note that those themes should support vB3 and be a little sensible, nothing too funky or too plain. The theme can either be free or paid, doesn't matter but free themes are preferred. Here is one of my suggestion, not too much...
  7. Worried From Bugs

    Dark Knight Rises & Hobbit theme for Windows 7

    Here is another 2 windows 7 themes for all digitians, hope you will like it. 1. Batman Dark Knight Rises Theme Download 2. Hobbit Movie Theme Download Hoping you will love these themes :)
  8. Harivel

    A preview of Gmail’s new look

    A Fast and more focused, elastic, and effortless Gmail's New UI... ;-) “Preview” and “Preview (Dense)” themes in the Themes tab in Gmail Settings. Screens:
  9. M

    My Recent Internet Discovery Thread

    post all your latest internet discoveries here.. for example, had to a site by searching and got a good site. dont wait post it here.. give back to the internet community.. obviously, i'll not be posting just mine.. post your own.. give a decent description abt what's there.. no spamming.. and...
  10. himangshu

    Media player themes for nokia 6303 classic

    Can i download media player themes for nokia 6303 classic? If yes then please tell me the website form where i can download. plz help me guys!
  11. bhushan2k

    Download amazing Windows 7 Nenggao and Syue Mountains Themes

  12. T

    Mobile Till 8k

    Hi, I need a good mobile within 8 k with the following features touchscreen themes available good sound quality/clarity must be available in delhi
  13. TheHumanBot

    Google Unleashed 30 New Themes for Chrome Browser

    Add some spices to your fav. browser Google Chrome.Google has unleashed the 30 New Themes for Google Chrome. but you need to be using Google Chrome Ver. 3 to install any of this themes. all you have to do is goto Theme Gallery page and Just Click Apply Theme and i have also tested this skins...
  14. D

    windows xp themes

    please suggest me some good websites where i can download themes & visual styles for windows xp. i specially liked the ubuntu & tango customisations that were in the tutorials anything on these lines would be there any theme that can make xp look like fedora or openSuse? thanx.

    E63 PROBLEM !!!

    hi guys am having some problem with my E63..... i downloaded some themes through some mobile site but when i tried to install it ...its giving me an error messge " Registration Failure" of the themes .... i downloaded the themes that were specifically uploaded for E63. help me out of this...
  16. A

    How to edit S60 themes???

    I installed Carbide UI 3.4 today. But after installing it, I saw that it only accepted *.tdf, *.xml and *.nth files. But all the S60 themes that I have are only in *.sis format. I want to know how to convert or extract the supported file types from the sis file??? Is there any other...
  17. C

    New HTC S710

    Hi Guys, I have bought a New HTC S710. What are your thoughts about this phone and where can I get softwares and themes for this phone.
  18. Vishal Gupta

    Download SevenVG Blue and SevenVG Black Themes with Normal Taskbar

    Guys Lots of people requested to create separate versions of "SevenVG" and "SevenVG Black" themes without Superbar. Guess what not all people are used to Windows 7 Superbar. ;) So today I released Normal Taskbar versions of both themes: SevenVG Theme with Normal Taskbar: Download Link...
  19. iMav

    Win 98 Themes for Windows 7

    Well I decided to go down memory lane, I have created packages for 4 themes & resources for all 16 themes can be downloaded: Jungle Travel Mystery Baseball To install double click on the downloaded file :) For download links & some how-tos on themes visit: Windows 98 Plus! Themes For Windows 7...
  20. P

    WCMS, which is the best?

    Hi all, My first post :). Which is the best Web content management system ? Help me choose between Mambo, Joomla!, Drupal, TYPO3, Zikula and Plone. I copied & pasted this from wikipedia :-D Or do u recommend some other? Does they come with theme or can we download more themes easily???? Which...
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