Nikon D3200 or Canon 1200D or any other ??


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EOS 600D or 1200D will fit in his budget with an extra zoom lens....
If he needs to shot videos more get him a D3300 with an additional 55-200mm lens which is worth 8k now...

There's that "easy panorama in D3300 too"

Ask him if he really needs a DSLR? Because there are other options like RX100, FZ200, SX50, P770, G16 or a GoPro if someone from US can get him one :D
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:D honestly speaking..i think he may end bored by the dslr after a few years..( hopefully, i am wrong )..its that stage of his life where he's getting choked with his engineering life & wants to explore something. :)
If this is the case, it's better he goes with 1100D with kit for about 19k and save the rest. If he gets interested in photography later, he can buy a new lens/better body etc... If he gets bored, he can sell his gear and go for compact. If he couldn't resist spending his whole budget ;), then he can get dual lens kit for 26k and with rest of the money, some accessories. May be even another lens. That's his choice.


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If he is not a kind of person who always takes pics in parties, holidays, travelling then he may not be too much interested in photography ....or he maybe just another guy who fell for the quality DSLR produces but dont know the actual effort needed to take them :D

Tell him to get Canon 1100D+twin lens kit for now....and let him explore the world ....if he gets too much interested in next one year he can just sell his 1100D body and get a advanced one :)


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I've also read many reviews about Canon 1200D and none were positive.
My preference would be Nikon 5100 > Nikon D3200 > Canon 600D > Canon 1100D (Sorry Canon 1200D, you could not make it).

I would suggest your friend to go for Nikon 5100 without any additional lens and save. Explore your photography skills and decide whether you want to stick to DSLR. If your interest in photography does not fade away, go for the lens best suited for your kind of photography.
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