New Reliance broadband Plans


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[MENTION=11737]s18000rpm[/MENTION] Last time I did try netconnect+ it was a disaster. Just get BSNL WiMax if Wired BB isn't an option. Although your online gaming options will be somewhat limited with it.


Disastrous, how? Can you tell me your experience :p

I have BSNL 3g, it's the most unreliable network I've experienced, normal browsing is incredibly frustrating, forget ticket booking :p

I just want a good connection for downloads.

For banking, ticket booking, gaming i can use Airtel 4G, but for Windows 10, game updates i need a good connection with reasonable data plans. Waiting for Jio. :))


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[MENTION=11737]s18000rpm[/MENTION] 56kbps speed and huge lag. Couldn't do much. It was several years ago though so I'm hopeful the network infrastructure has improved a lot by now.


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Almost nearing 3 years since last revision, When would be next revision... When Jio launches? :|
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