1. K

    FUP Came back after 6 months in BSNL Broadband for me.

    I enjoyed BSNL Broadband with tons of downloads since June 2016 for about 6 months. but on Dec 12 2016, FUP Pops up for me. IT MAKES me sick. why FUP Came back after 6 months ?
  2. P

    ISP in Pune

    Hi Guyz, I want to purchase an unlimited plan preferably without any FUP. My budget is around 1400-1600pm. Can anyone suggest any ISP's worth going for, i am currently using BSNL but their useless FUP make the speed go back to Stone Age. Thank you.
  3. StickySlime

    Excitel Broadband - Comprehensive Review - 5Mbps - SDSL - Unlimited - no FUP

    Hi. I'm here to put forward an honest and comprehensive review of Excitel's Broadband internet services provided in Delhi, India. Official Website: Excitel | Hom Pamphlet Screen-Shot: http://i.imgur.com/FeKQU4g.jpg Stamped contact number on the pamphlet I received...
  4. bssunilreddy

    1TB FUP ISP in Hyderabad

    Hai, 1TB FUP ISP in Hyderabad Provided by Home Packs - Bytenet - High Speed Internet
  5. A

    Good ISP in Indore?

    I have been using Reliance for last 3 years, and the service they are providing is totally garbage. Currently my connection is down from past 3 days and there is no response from any local engineer. Complaining on toll free no. is just a repeated message that your connection will be fixed in 24...
  6. R

    BSNL Broadband- FUP Speed even after FUP?? help!!

    I am using bsnl broadband(adsl) plan BBG ULD 795 (Upto 2 Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB). Once I got the full speed even after the FUP usage for a full month, then I changed the DNS and It was gone :( do anyone had similar experiences or knowledge to hack the trick?? please help.
  7. P

    Fair Usage Policy Removal : Sign This Petition

    Source: https://streetsoflucknow.in/2015/06/21/re-volt-remove-the-fair-usage-policy-and-enable-unlimited-internet-data-plans/ Why internet needs to be limited while we are paying enough amount of money to these mobile companies. Mobile companies had limited everything.They simply want to earn...
  8. Charley

    Is Reliance Thunder Plans the BEST - No FUP

    Thunder 599 with basic speed 1 mpbs, with no FUP and Annual Rental is Rs. 6110. This is value for money. Do they need a Reliance land line and modem?
  9. ashs1

    Restricted Access

    Hey guys.. I need a help from tdf... I have a TP link w8968 and my current plan is BSNL BB900 something ( 2mbps till 8GB, 512kbps POST FUP ).. My main problem is : some of my friends know my routers password ( gave it to them few months back when they wanted to check out something )..But...
  10. bssunilreddy

    New ACT(BEAM) Broadband Plans

    New ACT(BEAM) Broadband Plans PS: (My Plan)From next month onwards 15MBPS Plan becomes 20MBPS with 75GB FUP via Speed Post FUP is 3MBPS.
  11. Nanducob

    Good Usb Dongle plan

    Hi , So im away from home,missing my bb.please suggest a good plan dongle/3g :noob: around rs 750 (upto1k)I looked at reliance netconnect but speeds are like 18 KBPS after fup :( Something around 32 KBPS after fup will do the trick.Thanks
  12. swatkats

    You Broadband: 100mbps till 200Gb, 1mbps Post FUP at 1699

    WTF 100: 100mbps up to 200Gb and then 1mbps at Rs.1699/month. This plan is available for the YOU customers in Hyderabad,Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Navi mumbai, Powai,Vadodara,Ahmedabad,Surat,Vishakapatnam and Thane as of now. Beam has 50mbps up to 200Gb, 6mbps post FUP @ 3150, Here YOU is...
  13. G

    Beam Fiber Increases FUP by 50%, Offers Wi-Fi router for Rs. 1499

    Source Thank u beam :clap2: enjoying . bsnl is dying in hyd.
  14. bssunilreddy

    NEW FUP LIMITS from Beam:

    NEW FUP LIMITS from Beam: Choose your speed plan Unlimited Data Plans Charges in INR Plan Speed Old FUP Limit New FUP Limit Speed Post FUP Monthly Half Yearly Yearly 2 Years B-Max 410...
  15. TechnoBOY

    Which 3g provider gives the best speed after fup ???

    which provider in india gives best speed after fup :|
  16. Cyberghost

    BSNL Launches 2 Higher FUP Plans 1 and 2 Mbps

    BSNL launches Two Best Plans Which We cant think of...As I read Bsnl Will Launch 2 Higher FUP Plans Starting from 10 May As Promotional Basis Across India Here Is Tariff NB: Copied from broadbandforum.co
  17. seamon

    Best ISP in Dehradun.

    I am considering a new plan for Internet for heavy downloading in Dehradun. Currently I am using Airtel 3G @1555 pm(12GB data). I wanted something like 2mbps UL without FUP. I found Sify nearby and the salesman offered me 2mbps UL without FUP for 2k pm. He also said that the installation will...
  18. mitraark

    Broadband in Chennai Unlimited No FUP 1k-1.5k

    Need a broadband connection in Chennai, Okkiyampet, Shollinganallur area, with no FUP ( or a significantly high one ) budget is preferably between 1000-1500 per month. How is Reliance / Tikona around here, anyone have any idea? Reliance 4mbps @ 1099 looks good but to be honest Im...
  19. theserpent

    Airtel finally increases Post FUP speeds to 512 kbps

    Airtel Broadband likely to soon offer 512kbps post FUP on all plans - Airtel Broadband - India Broadband Forum I even got an call from them saying they changed my plan and also that now post FUP speeds will be 512 kbps soon
  20. N

    Reliance vs BSNL, which is better?

    I am a BSNL broadband user since 2006, and now i think its time to change. Recently they decrease the 20% discount given to government people to 10%, which has increased my bill. I currently use 950ULD plan, which gives 4MBPS speed with 8GB FUP, post FUP 512KBPS. I am a good downloader, so this...
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