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New Orkut Privacy Features

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Now protect you album, videos, testimonials from being viewed by everyone out there on orkut! There are two privacy options:
1. Friends
2. Everyone

Source- I discovered it on my own :)


Tribal Boy
Thats good. Yes, the Album and Videos should have some privacy option.

@narangz, thank you, I will check it


allow scraps to be written by: Thats goos. So no more ads/spam, if any comes, it wil be from friends lol.
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Tribal Boy
gx_saurav said:
If u r concerned about privacy then leave orkut.

Hmm, Orkut may not be giving 100% privacy, but they respect privacy and give importance to that too. That is why these new options. Sure they help - yes upto certain extend. And no one need 100 % privacy these days, I mean in internet-social-networking.


finally...this is done...this feature shud have been there when orkut started...still better late then never..


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
bt it should have been "NONE" in options ..... 2 protect privacy ......
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