1. patkim

    What is LAN IPv6 address?

    My Dlink router has IPv6 options. Needless to say my ISP does not offer IPv6. When I look into IPv6 options, I find an option by the name LAN IPv6 address. I am not much familiar with IPv6. What does this term mean and how it's related in IPv6 networking? Could someone help me understand...
  2. aal-ok

    Do all hostelers have the same IP address?

    Do all of the students have the same IP address? if yes can it be changed?
  3. A

    How to port forward mine ip address which is dynamic

    how to do port forwarding to ip address i tried it but when i save and reboot public ip address changes as it is dynamic ip address
  4. A

    i want to change ip address to specific address like or to

    i want to change ip address to specific address like or to is this possible to change it currently mine ip address is i want to login to hub ( with ApexDC++ , AIRDC++ when i login with other ip address than...
  5. A

    mine modem ip address is but mine isp ip address is 182.57.xx.xx

    mine modem ip address is but mine isp ip address is 182.57.xx.xx how to get modem ip address identity on network i mean when some one sees mine ip address it should come not 182.57.xx.xx is there any software which can change ip address to 10.20.30.xx i want to change...
  6. K

    Ip address

    How do you find the ip address of a computer on the same network And how to hide own ip from other clients on the same network....
  7. S

    How to Configure 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router-TD-W8961N

    Hello Friends. I am new in this forum and have a serious problem with my modem. Hope you all can fix and solve my problem. As I am a laymen in this field and live in a backward district. I brought this modem and got it configured from BSNL as I took the broadband connection. After reaching home...
  8. soyab0007

    Free VPN - Opera Browser

    Free VPN - Opera Browser Its a big deal - Opera is now the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on...
  9. R

    clone mac address

    I have tp link 8901n adsl modem. I have lan connection in my hostel. How to clone my laptop's mac address to the modem?
  10. P

    Where to Buy MSI laptops in India

    Dear fellow Gamers, Acro Engineering is the National distributor of MSI India laptops as well as MSI GFX/MB These are the below Acro Branches of india where MSI Laptops can be Purchased or enquired about it. AHEMDABAD :- MANOJ KUMAR/JITENDER ADDRESS B3 /8, TARUN NAGER...
  11. ratul

    [URGENT] Fresh Passport HELP!!!

    I might need to go in about a month, so i have read numerous blog posts, comments and psk website for a fresh passport application, and i think the only way to get a passport in this duration is Tatkal scheme. I tried applying for a passport last year, but exhausted all my appointments missing...
  12. ariftwister

    How to remove a specific website url suggestion in Chrome address bar?

    Hey Guys, How to remove a specific address suggestion in chrome address bar? My chrome is signed in with my account. I tried visiting Google dashboard and there's only history and i cant find the website url. Help please.!!
  13. D

    Custom email address

    I want to have a custom email address like Earlier, Google apps used to be free. Is there still any way to host it on Google Apps for free. If not, what’s the best free alternative?
  14. A

    selling photon plus

    hi guys i want to sell my photon plus it is registered with my id proof and address what should be the precautions taken by me please advice thanks in advance
  15. thetechfreak

    Need help setting up WiFi on BSNL WiMax connection

    Hi everyone, I recently got a BSNL WiMax connection. It's pretty decent and works pretty well. Now I've decided to setup a WiFi router(Got a Netgear N150 WNR612) so as to use more devices with the connection. BSNL assigns a static IP address which is No login is required to...
  16. S

    Please help me to configure Netis modem for BSNL Broadband.

    Hello. I subscribed for the BSNL 800 plan last week. But I am unable to configure my modem+router for accessing the internet. This is my modem...
  17. Amir.php

    [Want to Buy] Need a .edu E-mail id for one time use

    Simply... I am a windows phone 8 user and Looking for a developer account for Unlock my Device. Microsoft provides Free Dream spark developer account to students for 1year. But need to varify my account via .edu email address. if some one is student here and have .edu email address from their...
  18. .jRay.

    Shipping fron US

    Shipping from US I want to buy some items from US as they are available a lot cheaper than they are here. I came across a post on this forum a long time ago which had a link to the site which ships to other countries. Sorry i forgot the name. All we have to do is give their local US address...
  19. A

    Entropay Problem:Help asap

    Hi, I am using entropay vcc and I have around $33.14 in it So I was trying to buy Fifa 14 from origin but origin always declines the payment btw fifa cost Rs. 1,749.30 and I also own debit cards of axis and sbi banks (AFAIK They don't work with origin ) Since I am buying for 1st time from...
  20. S

    Why ImageBam not opening?

    Hello friends, I am not able to view full size images on ImageBam and ImgBox. My ISP is BSNL with IP Address: 117.XXX.XXX.XXX Is there any way to view the images or any browser extension available for google crome?
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