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Need Urgent help with a new Pc build!!!


laborare est orare
TX 850 V2 can be used to SLI two GTX 580. 2ndly if you are okay with the extra setup of Dual GPU then go with it. And regarding Microshuttering, if you Crossfire HD 6950 or higher cards, Microshuttering has no practical impacts in game playing experience.


laborare est orare
^^ Congrats man. That's a hell of a card and the pricing is also sweet. Happy gaming buddy.


Thanks man :D
Im really happy with it :).
Though Batman : AA is giving some problems in DX11 it works flawlessly in DX9.
And I also got Dell ST2220L , and that too is an awesome monitor .
Not to mention that I have the most amazing gaming rig on the entire campus !!!
:D :D :D :D
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