1. A

    suggest best institutefor ccie in bangalore

    suggest best institute for ccie in bangalore . i have visited two ccie training institute in bangalore networks home and acit . i am confused which course to join ccie security or ccie collaboration and which institute to join . please help me to join into good institute
  2. F

    Is there is a self job after CCIE Security ?

    I want to know that , after ccie security could i do any self job if yes then which type of job i can do ? leaving teaching idea.
  3. damngoodman999

    Need suggestion for CCIE @ NETWORKERS HOME

    Hey guys i just want some suggestion & feedback about NET WORKERS HOME institute for CCIE security , i been network admin for 1 year & after that i had accident so i could not continue the job in networking , now i have serious problem that i lost all my knowledge in networking , so the better...
  4. S

    System administrator or Network Engineer ?

    Hello guys I need some career guidance from you. I will be completing my MCA next year, but I am very weak at programming and do not want to do career in it. I am very good at the desktop support and troubleshooting. (atleast this is what my friends say.) I want to make a career in...
  5. M


    I am thinking about joining top gun technologies @bangalore for CCIE. i got a broacher from them stating that if I opt for CCIE, there is no need to do CCNA & CCNP. total package cost comes around 2.5 lacks including certification.course duration is for 6 months. is it worth to spend...
  6. D

    is CCIE a good choose?

    hi, im planning to write the exam for CCIE???? is it a good course??? hw much is the minimum salary???
  7. I

    Does anybody know any routers Forum ?

    does anybody knows any forum to discus about routers only ... CCNA CCNP CCIE
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