1. V

    Amplifier for Set Top Box

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips TV but it doesn't have a headphone jack. So to use a headphone, I have to directly connect it to the Set Top Box via an RCA Male to Aux Female cable. I can hear properly but the volume isn't too loud, despite setting the volume of the STB to the highest. The...
  2. Harsh Pranami

    SUggest me a 24" FHD monitor which will also be connected to set top box

    SUggest me a 24" FHD monitor which will also be connected to set top box Hi all. How are you guys doing? So I'm planning to buy a monitor because CS:GO on 15.6" laptop is killing my experience. Budget 15/+-2 k . 24" FHD. Also I'll like to connect that monitor to a set top box using...
  3. B

    Top 10 Destination in India to visit

    Top 10 Best Places to visit in India Goa Hills of Mcleodganj Srinagar Andaman island Ladakh Banaras Mumbai Almora Coorg Kolkata
  4. B

    "Toolius Becomes First Indian Overclocker to Break Into the HWBOT League Top 20"

    Proud moment for us Indians! :) Source: Toolius Becomes First Indian Overclocker to Break Into the HWBOT League Top 2
  5. bad_till_bones

    Advice Required - For Buying Washing Machine

    Hi, Planning to buy a Washing Machine for a family of 4. Kindly suggest which one should I go for - front or top loading. And it would be really nice, if I can get a model number too. Regards.
  6. B

    Top 10 Honeymoon destination in India?

    Hi friends. Please list here top 10 honeymoon destination in India? Which is your favorite one?
  7. H

    Circle CC 830 unboxing and review

    Hi Friends, I have just bought Circle CC-830 cabinet. I had earlier ask on the forum about which cabinet to buy, everyone suggested Corsair, Cooler master and other brands. I did not find any review for the CC 830 and other members also told me to stay away from brand as the repo is unknown for...
  8. bssunilreddy

    10 supercomputers that are leading innovation around the world

    10 supercomputers that are leading innovation around the world This morning the list of the Top 500 fastest, most powerful global supercomputers was released. The list is compiled with results from the LINPACK supercomputing performance benchmark twice each year, once in summer at the annual...
  9. sam9s

    Top 5 all time Action/War/Martial Art movie

    Top 5 all time action/War/Martial Art movie Whats your top 5 all time Action/War and Martial Art movie ...... Now action as a genre is vast, so think and share. The only genre I do not want to include is WAR, and Martial Arts.They deserve their separate top 5. Though there is no rule to...
  10. Zangetsu

    Android apps & games you shouldn’t download

    Anti-virus maker AVG recently released a list of apps and games that slow down the performance of Android smartphones, take too much space or guzzle a little too much battery Source: 65 Android apps & games you shouldn?t download- The Times of India Top 10 performance-draining apps – run...
  11. abhijit_reddevil

    Discussions related to Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager

    Starting this thread to discuss all things related to Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager (strategies, formations, counter formations, buying and selling players, etc). I think it is one of the best football manager games around. How many Top Eleven managers in Digit forum? :) Starting with me...
  12. vedula.k95

    URGENT Need Help HTC Screen Broke

    Hello guys this is some serious trouble here yesterday i was transferring some files from my friends phone and accidently slipped it down the bed :| and now this morning he went to the service center they quoted a price of Rs 5500 situtation of the phone is that the screen has cracked from...
  13. Baker

    Moto X First Gen , Glass top is broken

    Guys My Moto X first gen is fallen from hand and its glass top is broken. I contacted service centre they are estimating around 10k for replacement , But the display is fine in my phone , is there any way i can replace only the glass top..? any idea guys..?
  14. I

    Split colin spray in pc cabinet

    Spilt colin spray in pc cabinet Hi guys, I'm panicking a bit right now cos I was cleaning my desk with colin spray today and stupidly removed the top cap. I accidentally split about quarter of the small colin bottle on my pc case while the power was switched off. Thankfully most of the liquid...
  15. Anorion

    Which are the best designed and most memorable video-game characters?

    Sketch Turner from Comix Zone Duke Nukem was hilarious, and over the top and Cl4p-TP. Funny and irritating. Also, the townsfolk in Sanctuary and Concordia, although they are randomly generated.
  16. J

    how to connect set top box with PC for live viewing without tv tuner card

    Hi, I have a HD set top box provided by GTPL. It has HDMI as well as AV ports (red-white-yellow ones). My tv is connected with HDMI cable with STB. Now, I want to connect my pc with the available AV ports in STB so that I can watch tv on my pc. I want to know if it is possible without having any...
  17. D

    Very Basic Top Mounted PSU

    My old system SMPS has finally given up after years of running and I am looking for a basic power supply to again make old system working. Dont need more then 350w... Also, the case only support top mounted PSU so any can be fitted in or some specific ones ? Please suggest.
  18. N

    Top End Laptop

    I am looking at buying a top end Laptop with budget range of 80K INR. My preference would be to have 15.6" FHD i7 quad core 1TB HDD and with reasonable SSD, good looking one. Not sure how much SSD for quick boot and regular day-to-day work would be ok -- 16 GB? Please suggest best options...
  19. L

    stb to laptop via hdmi

    hey i just got a new videocon d2h set top box and my tv gave up on me and i just wanna know can i connect my hd set top box to my laptop directly via a hdmi cable and watch tv
  20. nomad47

    Additional Cabinet fan placement

    Hi all, Need your help again :P I recently bought a desktop and opted for a NZXT Guardian 921RB cabinet. The cabinet has 3 fans. One front bottom (intake), one side panel (intake) and one rear (exhaust) All these are 120 mm fans. There is a provision for a 120 or a 140 mm fan on the top of the...
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