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Need help in Buying a phone with a budget of 14k Max.


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I'm looking for a mobile phone with decent camera, 3G and Wi-Fi enabled phone with a max. budget of 14k.


Overall specs of the Ace is better including processor & camera (5mp with flash vs 3.15 mp). No info is available about the RAM capacity of the Ace. Also the Optimus records better videos & has bigger battery.

I will recommend that you wait for a few days till Samsung officially announces the details of Ace.

Even if you go ahead with the purchase, you won't be disappointed with any of them.

LG Optimus One P500 vs. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - GSMArena.com


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Ace is worth the extra 3.5k for those who wants android + proper camera i.e. with flash.

if you want Ace just for the sake of having a bigger screen, once look at the resolution & than look at Defy. Ace for ~14k is a best buy anyway over LG O1.


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what about samsung ACE it comes for around 15k.
how is this fone in comparison to optimus one.

RAM may be less, but its not a big deal as long as you are heavy multi-tasker. And yeah, video recording!


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If you can increase the budget just a bit, there are two great phones.

1. Nokia C6-01
2. Galaxy Ace (my pick)
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