1. D

    Mechanical Keyboard Suggestion

    Hey guys, I spilled liquid on my tvs keyboard and it went kaput. I have sent the keyboard for RMA but I felt that I missed to upgrade my keyboard during my rig upgrade. I'm now looking for a premium mechanical keyboard with MX Cherry Brown keys. I'm leaning towards Corsair K70 LUX RGB. Does...
  2. bssunilreddy

    [For Sale] Intel Core i5 6500 @ 14k

    1. *Model number and details: Intel Core i5 6500 2. *Date of purchase: 3rd June,2016 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to i5 6600k 4. Warranty details: 35 months warranty left 5. *Expected Price: 14k (DTDC shipping if out of Hyderabd). 6. *Location of Seller: Hyderabad, Telangana. 7. *Pictures along...
  3. jatin_arora

    Xiaomi Mi 3 discussion thread

    Hello everyone This thread is dedicated to MI3 and its accessories. MI3 is priced at 14K with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8274AB 2.3GHz processor, Adreno 330 450MHz GPU, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, and eMMC 4.5 flash memory and 5inches IPS Display (full HD) Now is this phone really worthy of 14K and...
  4. N

    [Want to Buy] Used Core i5 or i7 with motherboard (combo)

    Dear Sir, Need used core i5 or i7 with motherboard under 14k need in working order. thank you
  5. the great one

    Asus fonepad

    Hi there I am about to buy asus fonepad7 2013 for abt 14k appx. I want to the reviews of the tab , from those who hav used it Also I want to is it worth spending 14K on asus Kindly rply quickly thank you......
  6. Ashish1@1

    RAM and Graphics Card

    I am in need of a good and cheap RAM Currently i have a 2 Gb ram and 4 Gb making it to 6 Gb I want upto 10 or 12 Gb of RAM now (As i run lot of resource heavy apps like Photoshop CC and premiere ) I also want a cool (1 GB) graphics card for my system for mild gaming as well as video...
  7. ShankJ

    New cell phone, budget 14K

    My friend is planning on buying a new cell within 14K range and has asked for a few options.. I have shortlisted Lumia 620 and Galaxy S advance.. But she wants a dual-sim one, so it would be great if you could advice a few for her..
  8. K

    Should I buy lg l9 or wait for xperia l

    Hey guys I have a budget of 15k for buying mobile...from other threads I think lg l9 is best for my needs as well as little customisation ....but now I am in confusion that should I buy lg l9 from hs18 or should I wait for xperia l....also am getting a used galaxy s2 for 14k without...
  9. Terabyte

    Need a GPU under 14k

    My System specs : Phenom II X4 955BE 4GB DDR3 RAM Corsair VX450W Resolution : 1600x900 Budget under 14k I have been looking for a HD7850 preferably The cheapest I find on FK is the Gigabyte one. Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R7850OC-2GD 2 GB GDDR5 Any other recommendations? And any place...
  10. A

    suggest a Android 4 phone : budget 14K

    suggest a phone : budget 14K - not a penny more Android 4 looking for good brand: Samsung / HTC / Sony
  11. Tech.Masti

    VFM LED/LCD TV under 14k, Suggestion need

    14 years old Sharp 21 inch CRT TV picture output getting hazy, mono sound, etc, making disturbs, so need to change my TV........ as already bought CableTV set-top box, i need to buy a Value For Money LED/ LCD TV under 14k, have no idea about latest TV market, so need suggestions from you...
  12. P

    Need Core i5 and motherboard for 20k

    Hi, Need to buy Core i5-2500k processor and motherboard. Can you help me with selecting good motherboard . As processor cost is 14k , I can afford only 8k for motherboard. Please suggest me.
  13. V

    Android within 14k

    Hii i want to buy a android phone within 14k Shortlisted with Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i (Bravia display, HD Recording, 1Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM:razz:) or Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (3.55" Display, 800Mhz, 278MB RAM:cry:) Can you give some reviews about both (or any other comparable model) so that...
  14. acidCow

    Motherboard + Graphic Card + RAM for 14k

    My present system specs are Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 , 1 GB DDR2 RAM , Onboard graphics and a Intel DG31GL Motherboard. I was planning to upgrade my motherboard, RAM and add a graphics card. After a lot of searching, I found EVGA GTX 550 Ti (Rs 8000) to be the best. Bot I cant find the right...
  15. D

    New PC

    Hi Friends, I want to buy a motherboard, processor, and RAM. remaining components, i have. Please give me some suggestions. My budget is 14K. I am going to install RHEL, Windows 7, and Ubuntu, also for some multimedia. thanks in advance.
  16. U

    Need a 23-24" monitor within 14k

    Hi all I need your suggestions on a monitor for around a budget of 14k. My req. from the monitor are as follows. 1. Gaming. Will connect my PS3 2. Graphic editing 3. Full HD/ HDMI a plus 4. Good color reproduction (best among it's class)
  17. T

    Price & Suggestion for Android

    Is HTC wildfire S available for 12k ?. Does it have issue relating to battery ? and also is it's after sales support good enough ? Letsbuy , ebay & other retail sites are quoting it at 14K. PS : I didn't like the UI of LG 01 at all :( Budget : till 15 K max
  18. K

    Mobile phone required for Gaming .. Budget 14k

    Hi guys , I need a phone + a gaming device inside 14K . I wouldn't mind if it were a phone with good gaming capabilities . The other alternative is buying a PSP + a low end phone . Suggestions would be appreciated :-P Thanks.!
  19. M

    Need help in Buying a phone with a budget of 14k Max.

    Guys, I'm looking for a mobile phone with decent camera, 3G and Wi-Fi enabled phone with a max. budget of 14k.
  20. M

    Need LCD within 14k..

    I am looking to replace my CRT with new LCD. Budget: 14k Max Purpose: Gaming, Movie, office work, browsing... Shortlisted: Samsung PX2370, Dell U2311H and Asus VH242H. Any other suggestion(s) is welcomed. Thanks.
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