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  1. JGuru

    Foundation of Java Programming

    Foundation of Java Programming This is guide for learning Java programming for budding programmers & those who are beginning Java programming. These are very introductory programs (beginner to intermediate level). In order to become a very good programmer you need to be 1) Very good...
  2. mohityadavx

    MS Word - Find and select all string of simlar pattern

    I want to find and select all strings of a particular kind in a word document. The strings are of this format FileList('S-20160302-103416-PERFORMA','Perfroma LST-1-0230316','U00729541','MJH72300DL1996PLC075672','T21') FileList('S-20160302-103416-PERFORMA','Perfroma...
  3. JGuru

    Object-Oriented Programming in Java

    Object-Oriented Programming in Java Problems with Procedural Langauages OOPS was invented because procedural languages such as C, Pascal, BASIC were found to be inadequate for large and complex programs. One difficulty with this kind of function-based organisation was it focussed on functions...
  4. G

    google homepage unknown string at address bar

    I kept google.co.in as homepage at opera 12.16 and windows 7.when I go to google.co.in from new page shortcut the site navigates to google.co.in and some new unknown string at address bar each time for e.g"https://www.google.co.in/webhp?tab=ww&ei=x9yUUtiJKsm3rgfcq4GoBA&ved=0CBMQ1S4" my question...
  5. N

    Connecting to sql database using sql server 2008

    I've created the connection using ODBC driver but still my program goes into catch block and displays the error message the program :-; import java.sql.*; class ConnectingSQL1 { public static void main(String args[]) { try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); Connection...
  6. X

    Auto Clicker in C++

    Okay so what I want to do is :- Create a program that can, say for example, switch to an already opened up google search page. Type in a given string and press enter. Once more. The google search page is open.[Type anything on google.com and then THAT next page is the one ..] **So , the...
  7. X

    Auto Typer/Clicker in C++

    Okay so what I want to do is :- Create a program that can, say for example, switch to an already opened up google search page. Type in a given string and press enter. Once more. The google search page is open.[Type anything on google.com and then THAT next page is the one ..] **So , the...
  8. Ashokkumar01cbe

    explain me

    #include<stdio.h> void main() { int c; c=getchar(); while(c!='\n') { putchar(c); c=getchar(); } } please explain me this program it is written in a c book written book of dennis ritchie, when i compile this programs,its getting a string of charecters and after pressing the ENTER...
  9. Desmond

    InterviewStreet programming challenges discussion

    Hi, One of my friends pointed me towards this site: https://www.interviewstreet.com/challenges It is like a programming leaderboard, wherein you solve problems and get ranked. So, I have started this thread to discuss challenges, their algorithms, your rank/score, what you tackled lately etc...
  10. RBX

    VB.net 2008 | ODBC | Move Backwards

    We have been told to work on Video Library in DBMS lab using VB and MS Access, however no lessons on how to do it were given. No one knows how to work in VB. The Database connectivity is quite easy using ADO is VB6 which sadly doesn't work very well in Windows 7 so I'm using VB.net 2008 with...
  11. pritish_kul2

    Need Help Coding!

    Hey, i needed help writing a program. the program's concept is that it inputs a string and then replaces the following in the string and gives the output: q with a w with s e with d r with f t with g y with h u with j i with k o with l p with p a with z and so on.
  12. A

    Error in C program

    Hello friends, I am creating C program that will list all the files in the directory specified with their paths. So code is here. #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> #include<unistd.h> #include<dirent.h> #include<sys/stat.h> void declevel(char str[]) { int...
  13. A

    Regular expressions in python

    hello everybody, I want to create a regular expression (in Python) for which I select all the string in between /* and */ including all spaces, tabs, newline etc. for example, /* HELLO */ /* HELLO EVERYONE */ these should be selected with and without \n. I have trying for 2 hrs and still...
  14. nims11

    Function Plotter

    I wrote this function plotter for my Csc school project. It takes mathematical function(any function of 'x' containing brackets, basic operators(+,-,/,*,^), trigo functions, log,floor,ceil) from the user in form of a string and then evaluates it and plots it in a graph. My program supports...
  15. T

    How to get a file path from c drive in android

    I was trying to extract the content of a pdf file and display its content in android. I tired the code in java and it worked.But when i am coding it in android, its not displaying anything. I think, its not getting the file path. I have this pdf file in my pc whose content i want to extract...
  16. techking_dinesh

    [C] Help with Strings

    Hello I need to do a menu driven programme on strings without using the library functions like strcpy and stuff I need to do the programme in 2 modes.. 1.Using functions 2. using pointers I am almost Done with part I... I am not able to code string compare , Palindrome and Sub String I am...
  17. 047

    Need Help in NetBeans connectivity with MSAccess 2003 !!!! urgently

    Hi guys... can anyone please help me in NetBeans 6.8 connecting with MSAccess 2003? i m using following code to setup a connection... " public static void main(String args[]) { String myDriverName="sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"; String url="jdbc: odbc:samdatabase"...
  18. Disc_Junkie

    Program that will let you know your Sun Sign!

    /** * People can know their sun sign and lucky number, colour etc from this program.. * * Disc_Junkie * 1.0 */ import java.io.*; public class Astro { public static void display()throws IOException { InputStreamReader ireader = new InputStreamReader(System.in)...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    String match in javascript

    Hello guys, I am stuck here. The textarea element has some text value like this: Ak, Am, Co, Cfp, Ce, Cfm, Ao, ... etc. As you can see each significant value is separated by a comma. I want to parse through this long string and extract each value separately into an array. I mean the array...
  20. comp@ddict

    X2 7750 B.E. CAN BE MADE A QUAD CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    http://www.techpowerup.com/92330/Athlon_X2_7750_BE_Unlocked_to_Quad-Core.html So a Biostar 790GX motherboard, which comes for Rs. 4,500, is good enough!!!!
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