My Lovely VAIO F13 (i7+gt425+8gbDDR3+700gb+USB3.0+BR Drive...)

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Hi everyone..

This is one which ment to stay with me but its damn unfortunate:mad: that I have to part with it due to some financial problems..:(

Specs are available here and you can google for its reviews..

Its a beast and features a lot of features as USB 3.0 multitouch gesture support, Motion eye, nvidia gt425, 700gb HDD, 8gb of DDR3 Ram, BlueRay Drive and much more..:clap:

*Just go thru the pics and u will notice that the grill over the speaker is a bit distorted but have no affect on its functionality in any way.

Back of the lappy is laminated from day one and won have a single scrach.. no other fault whatsoever... atleast I havnt noticed any :p

Pls download pics from here

If you have any query just shoot a PM or ask here but pls stick to the topic and only if you are interested in buying OR you have something very important to say.:hap2:

Expected price is 70k and this deal is only for the members who can pick themselves or can arrange a pickup in NCR/Haryana.

Its under one year International warranty-~4-5 months remaining and is ~6-7months old but I dont have invoice for it. Still I can help you with warranty if anything goes wrong.

WHAT YOU GET: Laptop, Charger, VAIO Bag, Will include a BT Travel mouse for free.

:hap5: I wont be shipping it at any cost :hap5:


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glass Paperweight fell on it and it is pressed a bit from there..

Bill is not with me because it was not directly purchased by me.. and cudnt confirm that I can get it or not..must be lying somewhere but can get a duplicate copy if its that necessary..


Final Price drop to 60k...

Will end this sale if not sold.. ITS DAMN URGENT NOW..will give it to local dealer then...
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