My Dream Machine

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Livin my Dreams
I build up a Machine on Alienware website will try to buy it in future with some changes according to the technology. It costs around £6642.52 ( approx Rs. 5,64,615)


Area-51® ALX

Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme QX9770 3.20GHz 12MB Cache 1600MHz FSB
Alienware P2 Chassis : Alienware® P2 ALX Chassis - Space Black
System Lighting: Alienware® AlienFX® System Lighting - Fusion Red
Processor Cooling : Alienware® ALX High-Performance Liquid Cooling
Acoustic Dampening: Alienware® Acoustic Dampening
Power Supply: Alienware® 1200 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply
Graphics Processor : Dual 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280
Memory: 4GB Corsair Dominator Overclocked Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz - 4 x 1024MB
Motherboard: Alienware® Approved NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra SLI
Includes PCI-Express 2.0, DDR3 Memory, and Support for Intel 1600 FSB
Operating System: Genuine Windows® Vista Ultimate - English
System Drive: Extreme Performance - RAID 0 - 2.0 TB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM (2 x 1.0 TB)
Additional Storage Drive: None
Primary CD ROM/DVD ROM : 4X Dual-Layer Blu-ray Disc Re-writable
Secondary CD ROM/DVD ROM : 20X Dual-Layer DVD±RW with LightScribe Technology
Enthusiast Essentials: Dual High Performance Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Physics Processor : None
Sound Hardware: Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
Monitor: 24" Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor - Full HD 1080p
Speakers: Creative® 7.1 THX® GigaWorks™ S750 - UK power supply
Keyboard: Logitech® diNovo Edge™ - UK
Mouse: Logitech® G9 Laser Gaming Mouse
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® ALX Pen - Included!
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® ALX Keychain - Included!
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® ALX Custom Name Plate - Included!
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® Mousepad - Included!
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® Owner Identification Card
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® Mesh Cap
Exclusive ALX Extras: Alienware® Exclusive Internal Wire Management
Warranty: AlienCare 1-Year Free Phone 24/7 and Collect & Return
AlienContact: Added Bonus with any AlienSupport Selection
AlienContact - Remote Alienware Support
AlienRespawn: AlienRespawn v2.0 Recovery DVD – Windows Vista Edition
Security Software: None
Game Controllers: Logitech® G25 Racing Wheel
Headphones: Sennheiser PC350 Headset
Webcam: Logitech® Quickcam Pro 9000
Avatar: Alienhead Glow
Window Style: Red Vista Window Style
Mouse Pointers: Standard Mouse Pointers
Wallpaper: Alienhead Glow (Widescreen)
Power Plan: High Performance


Livin my Dreams
to the author : are u a millionaire..tell me ur job :)

I am not yet a millionaire, but yes in some months i'll maybe be if i control my expenses.
well my job is to secure a network so i just sit and watch and get paid. don't want to brag but i earn approx £3500 pm.
so in two months i'll think about this purchase.

The Outsider

Beneath The Eyelids
heh, your address would really do some good and i'm sure you won't mind some lsd in your glass of coke, you can trip while i pack and run :D
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