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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Chillum Baba
The Hangover - Great fun. I am Zach Galifianakis's fan now especially after watching Hangover and Visioneers. Can't wait for Hangover 2.


I have Yolks not Brains!
I LOVE YOU, MAN - 8/10 : Very good comedy about the relationship between a engaged man ,who doesn't have any close male friend and his hunt for a friend to be his best man!


Knowing [2009] :6/10

All went well till the last half an hour of the movie.Then they introduced stupid aliens and angels and god and stuff and ruined the movie.
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At last the devil is here
has anyone seen 'Drag me to hell'
story isn't good, but some real good scary scenes..
same production house as grudge


oh yes, I saw the trailer... seems interesting...
my recent list of movies are
crank - high voltage -> absolute cracking fun!! (No Logic)
Terminator Salvation -> okay
Open Season (2007 I guess, animation) -> awesome!
Open Season 2 -> relatively... okay.
Horton hears a who (animation) -> awesome.
Watchmen -> All the good scenes you already saw in the trailer.
Man on wire (BBC Documentary) -> Breath taking... Bloody awesome.
Race to the witch mountain -> possibly good script, ridiculously executed.

Yet to watch:
Harry potter and half-blood prince (trailer seems awesome).
Milk (won Oscar, but yet to watch.. got hold of the movie just now).
G-Force (trailer is soooo hilarious).
Ice Age 3.


Chillum Baba
Love Aaj Kal - Good one. Gave me a feel of watching a Korean love story with an Indian touch. I hated Deepika's dialogue delivery in her previous movies. But now though everything is same, she sounds more natural and believable. Saif and songs were good too.

Edit - Just when I started to feel that this is an original concept, imdb points towards this.:?
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