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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Feel Pain.
Watched LSC 2/10
In short- Maza nhi aaya, did not have that feel of Forrest gump.

In long(Contains spoilers)
- The movie kicks of kind of ok, not to great. It is pretty much copied from Forrest gump. But they however missed some major things, They completely forgot that indian army recruitment is different from normal one, and they cannot recruit Low Mental ability/ PwD candidates like that. Also, That terrorist/soldier captured did not have any uniform or badge when captured, how can the army let him go away? Army classifies such people as prisoner of war. Secondly, the equivalent of table tennis part was missing. During the part where he sets up his own company, it felt way too artificial. Is that Pakistani basically taking indian earned money to Pakistan to setup school without getting under radar of Government? Indian money is used for laundering and trafficking by terrorists. How did no one catch him?

And most major blunder, What language was he speaking throughout? That was definitely not Punjabi. I live among Punjabis and that was just Hindi but swapped few words to sound like it. He didnt have to give that PK look in the movie, it was totally useless in that context.

Neither was it a perfect copy, neither a perfect adoption.

This was first time after covid I went to cinema... OTT has made everyone lazy.
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