Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


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Land of Mine: 8/10
A group of German prisoners of war are forced to dig up millions of Nazi land mines with their bare hands along the coast of the North Sea in Denmark.


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Avengers End game was really surprising because it was all possible if not for Ant man.
Without him there is no End game.

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I did not know there are fans of "The Wolverin" movie!

May be you are the only one of this fan club.

Anyway, 'Logan' was made for award ceremonies. I did not like it that much.


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I used to watch ancient aliens, but then I stopped.
They started showing old civilization, how modern they were, and then they did impossible architectural things.. there were so much information that I couldn't digest.. so I stopped watching..


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WAR (2019) - 5/10
A movie easy to forget, not much to expect. Good dance moves from Hrithik & Tiger.
The only thing I liked is the fight between Hrithik & Tiger.

OMG! :shock: they are using Ipad to unlock the Door :blink:
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