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Wonder Woman 8/10

After a long time a good movie from DC. IT again proves, everyone loves a well told story.

The story arch is unfolded slowly and with enough info for new viewers. My wife, who doesn't like comic books (and movies based on them) loved this! I do not need any more proof!
Mark my word, Gal Gadot just obliterated all previous hideous references of Wonder Woman on screen.
I liked her in this role very much and can't think of anyone else who could've replaced her.
Her eyes are so innocent even when she fights. She's a great find and perfect choice for the role.

quan chi

mortal kombat
Expected much more.. "Fu**" this word used many times I think hat's why they gave it R-rating.
Big fan of Wolverine but this one quiet not lived upto expectations.
Action story was good, not better. High on emotions..

I am only giving reasons for which I liked the movie. No intention of starting a debate on this topic.:) This reply is for everyone.
I liked Logan more than the comics " old man logan". In fact for me its the best Wolverine movie ever & one of the best x-men movies in recent times.This movie makes sense in every possible way. Nothing is overused.
Mutants are almost gone. There are no more X-men, no more family only 3 survivors living together or hiding together in a place you cannot consider a home(actually). A man/mutant who has seen so much...but never got peace whenever he tried to escape from his past his luck turned against him. On top of it now his body is also giving up on him, his healing factor is slowly dying. But the problems wont die it is still hitting him hard from every corners..he is struggling very hard to escape from this place but unable to due to various circumstances..what will you do in this situation? Of course you will be angry, you will be irritated, you will be pissed all the time & you wont care. LOGAN shows the human side of the mutants in a perfect way. This movie is not actually an action movie its more about feelings.
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quan chi

mortal kombat
Some reviewers stated that this is the best sports film india has ever produced till date. I completely disagree with them. The movie is good no doubt about it may be very good too but its not extraordinary. Please note I am only speaking about the film & nothing else. If you have seen chak de then you wont find anything too much surprising here. Overall its a good film & must watch.


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The Mummy (2017) - 7/10
A mediocore movie with occasional chills and horrors. Pls note that Indian version removed all nudity from the movie. If you want to see the movie at full glory wait till the Bluray/web release and watch


Cyborg Agent
^^acting and hard work was better in bhag mikha bhag by Farhan Akhtar compared to Dangal by Aamir Khan.
It wasn't best sports films, if reviewers thinks that then hats off to them.


Democracy is a myth
John Wick 2 5.5/10

Nothing new. Seems watching a spin off of 'Taken'. An invincible guys gets triggered by death his puppy(part 1) and destruction of his house (pt 2).
I wonder if Welesley Snipes or Statham would have been a better choice for this role. At least good hand-to-hand combat would have been included.

I fell asleep twice while watching this. Either this movie was boring or I'm getting old.


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Goodnight Mommy 7.5/10

The movie starts slow, then turns eerie, then creepy then shocking!
The movie would have been really good if the two boys could act properly. Their eyes give away that they are acting in some serious scenes. And then few subtle smirks.

LIFE 6/10

The day I first saw the trailer, I assumed this is a cheap remake of Alien. Then watched this today. And I think i was not too wrong on my assumption.
Ryan Reynolds, why on such a small role?!


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Goodnight Mommy 7.5/10

The movie starts slow, then turns eerie, then creepy then shocking!
The movie would have been really good if the two boys could act properly. Their eyes give away that they are acting in some serious scenes. And then few subtle smirks.
It's like A Tale of Two Sisters and another movie (possibly french) I don't remember.



Chillum Baba
Life - I liked Life quite a bit. Found it entertaining and interesting.

Dangal - Agree with above views. It's good but not exceptional. Aamir is just too good at marketing.


Cyborg Agent
^the mermaid was stupid movie, I wasted time watching it.
where? in which country they are highest grosser? is it overall?


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Get Out 8/10

Now that is clean piece of horror after a long time. Sets the tone and environment right and holds it till the very end.

Concept: In the line of "Wicker Man" with happy ending.

-->Background music. Reminded me of "Witch" soundtrack from "Suspiria" but it was really good. Special addition is the "Run Rabbit" soundtrack
-->Acting: Everyone was perfect. The 'grandma' and 'grandfather' acted really well in the short role they got.
-->Attention to detail. The director created some nice little moments throughout the movie. Take the scene where the police officer asked for Chris's license when they hit a deer on the road. Rose fight's with the officer so that Chris doesn't need to show his license. That wasn't just for standing up to the authority for right cause!
-->Violence: Once again this movie proved that without showing a head getting chopped off or a hand getting torn apart shocks still can be provided to audience.

-ve: -
-->May be the climax. I get it, such movies can have only two types ending, a happy or shocking. And We saw the happy one. Why not explore the options a bit and try something new?


Aascharya Maheela - 7.75

This movie certainly raised some unanswered questions :

# what happened to the big ship ?
# how did Einstein make atom bomb, if the formula whisperer died years ago ?

But, they will probably not be answered in the next movie in the franchisee either.
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