1. dharmil007

    Disk Active time spikes upto 100% & stays there

    I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows 8.1 just Yesterday. Now in Windows 8 There is a pecular problem. Whenever i interact with any object on the screen, the computer freezes, for about 30-40 secs. This happens almost all the time say 5-6 times in 10 minutes. The reason behind...
  2. Y

    Kindle 3 (WiFi) battery dead!

    I have a kindle keyboard for 2 years now and suddenly last week the battery dies and the screen stays at low battery screen. When I try to charge it the orange light stays for 5 secs and then it goes blank. I have tried to reset it via button and have also removed battery for 10 mins but it...
  3. RBX

    OneNote : disable spell check for a particular style

    I have to create notes for a friend, and would like to disable spell check for the Code style, such that it stays disabled even when he sees it.
  4. L

    problem with portal 2

    When i start the game it just come with the image and a pink and blue box and stays still. I am like :hissyfit::wah::pullhair::deadbored::banghead::cryeyesout::newgun::aaargh::eeksign::eeek::conspiracy::duh:
  5. R

    flashing samsung GT 3500i

    Hi frnds! i wanted to know whether i cud re-install the firmware on my phone-GT-3500i as it broke down a while whenever i start it it stays in the start screen(black) and does not boot .how can i install a fresh copy of the firmware and from where?pls rply.
  6. happy17292

    GT240 running at 405MHz

    i have sparkle GT240 1GB DDR3 GPU and its supposed to have 550MHz core clock yesterday i was thinking about trying to OC it using MSI afterburner. but i noticed that core clock stays on 405MHz even when system is idle or at full load [i have tried to increase core clock from afterburner sliders...
  7. B

    logout confimation with jquery alert?

    hey all, i wanna make a confirmation alert box (jquery i suppose) then when triggers when someone click log out. on cancel it stays there but on ok it destory the session and cookies and logout. anyone help me out me wid that?
  8. ithehappy

    Is my Monitor's time up?

    As the title says I am noticing that for last two weeks my monitor is suddenly turning off or going to standby mode. Someday it happens twice or thrice and someday it stays on. I checked every settings in Control Panel power and etc. but everything is OK and my CPU stays on, no sound or awkward...
  9. R

    start up

    when system boots-up, windows logon is displayed thenafter pointer is displays on the screen & It stays the same even after rebooting the system for many times. What should I do?
  10. smile

    Plzz Help

    Whenever i start my PC and Win XP loads .....i get messages saying to download all kinds of antivirus softwares:-| ....if i click on goes but stays in taskbar..and loads again...i tried to remove from msconfig startup...but no use...its again comes:confused:
  11. vinit suri

    stamping a video...

    guys can sum1 tell me how 2 put a stamp on a ive seen loads of videos whr thr is a small logo sort of thing at the bottom of the video....n it stays thr through even moves a little bit sumtime.....can sum1 tell me how 2 do it?? plzzzzzzzzzz:(:(:D:D
  12. caleb

    Why does the count of my posts remain the same?

    I noticed that for the last 4 or 5 posts that I've posted here it is not adding to my total number of posts i.e. it is stuck at 287 when it should be 291 or 292. I do give enough time between 2 posts and I've even tried logout login and posting but the count still stays the same.
  13. rohan

    DataOne connectivity issues

    I'm having a strange problem with DataOne recently. Many times, it so happens that while i'm connected to DataOne, the green LED on the modem under the 'ADSL' label goes off and i'm disconnected automatically.. without any warning or any re-connect dialogues. The light stays off for varying...
  14. santu_29

    problem with cursor- help pls- urgent

    hi i am facing a very annoying problem. the mouse pointer stays where it is <sticks on the screen>, but the mouse is working. its that i dont see the cursor move but i can use the mouse to click on anything though i cant see the cursor move. i restart the pc and every thing works well for some...
  15. S

    c program

    hai, pls any one give the program. Design and implement an efficient algorithm to remove consecutive 1char, 2char, 3 char... so on recurrences in dictionary words. For example, "abbabccbc" first will become "ababcbc", then become "abc". Similarly, "abcaab" will become "abcab" and but stays...
  16. anandk

    Utility to Rename Start Button.

    hey, i know this has been dscsd; searched, but just cudnt locate the thread. here is a smart utility to rename your start button. this utility is better than mySB or StrtBtnRenamer. it stays stable even on reboot. :arrow: StartButton v1.1.82...
  17. sujeet2555

    mouse flikers

    i have a logitech scroll 3-button mouse .it was running fine for last 2 yrs untill it starts to move in violantly in vertical axis only.i can not click any buttons,pointer moves so rapidly.i have cleaned it ,change settings,re-installed,re-plugged the cord but still it stays fine for a moment...
  18. A

    windows xp not booting

    I have got Windows XP as my OS. Till yesterday it was working fine. Today morninig when i switched my PC on then after the windows xp logo screen the screen stays blank and it does not go into windows. the os boots in safe mode but not in normal mode. please help Anubhav
  19. C

    Movie Playback Problem

    Hi, I copied a VCD to my computer disk. I used ISObuster. When i tried to play from the Hard Disk, i get this problem. If i jump to another part of the movie, it just stays still for a few seconds and then starts playing. playback from the CD was fine. IS there anyway i can correct this
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