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Motorola secures Europe-wide sales ban on iPhone, iPad


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Summary: A German court has imposed a preliminary injunction on Apple’s 3G-enabled iOS devices across Europe for infringing a Motorola-held patent.

Motorola Mobility has won a patent dispute with Apple in Germany this morning that could spell a sales injunction against its products across Europe.

A regional court in Mannheim, Germany ruled that Apple’s devices with cellular networking infringe Motorola-owned patent 1010336. This is the equivalent networking patent has detailed by U.S. Patent No. 6,359,898.

Such devices include the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and the iPhone 4. It also includes the 3G-enabled original iPad and iPad 2. While Motorola did not specifically name the iPhone 4S in its case, it is likely that the latest Apple smartphone is also affected by the ruling.

Unless Apple can secure a stay until a higher regional court can hear an appeal, the iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet could be barred from being sold in Europe.

Apple is expected to appeal for a stay on the injunction as it prepares its appeal.

Read the full news here:
Motorola secures Europe-wide sales ban on iPhone, iPad | ZDNet


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With a ban or without a ban I donot feel Moto is better than Apple.they cant monopolise the market. The iPad needs a lot better competitor than the Xoom. Same for iPhone 4s.


good..who is apple to tell samsung and other manufacturers not to make rectangular phone..they got wat they deserve.


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I think they had it coming, Google has been preparing their arsenal for days like this. I expect more to come.

It indeed is bad karma. Jobs wanted to exterminate Android, but failed (or rather fell short of time, God rest his soul).


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nope this is not lame at all, imma iPhone fanboi, but ive been closely watching the patent battles, and for once, Apple haz got a taste of its own medicine

Technology should be free, like Graham Bell dedicated the telephone to mankind without patenting it, he could have become rich, perhaps the richest man in his time, but he saw the true long term goals of networking, and saw what he could achieve with a free telephone... that is fastest way to make progress with tech

as patenting methods and approaches is not healthy for a competitive business environment at all, the only thing it achieves is make everyone develop the same things parallely (this is the linux-win fight right here)... just think if there was one image editing software, one operating system, or one search engine, or one mail client that was the best that man could make instead of like millions that all fail, you all know that discoveries are there for everyone to discover, not for a handful or people to dominate... you got it first doenst mean the idea wasnt in the offing for someone else... just creates tons of slave companies like samsung that churn out the same devices but owe others for the tech used in em makes no sense whatsoever lol, its like having a galactic empire then charging a fee for being darth vader, ppl are gonna resist and overthrow you not embrace your monarchy haha
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