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Motorola MOTOROKR E6

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yeah. cellphones without hardkeys are gonna rock in coming years. IMHO, that way the layout is lot more flexible. I would love to see adjustable softkey pad. Like I want to keep the keys bigger, let me enlarge them. I need full qwerty keypad, let me arrange the keys on-the-fly.


Rockin g33k
twelling u man the cam in the rokr is absolutely rubbish..my friend has it and evn my 550i with a 1.3 mp cam outclasses its 2mp..its pure rubbish..theres no brightness...no contrast..nuthin..its worse than a vga..


People wanting to know the sound quality of E6 should read this: http://www.mobile-review.com/review/music-phones-en.shtml
It compared E2 with the rest of the music phones. E2 and E6 run the same OS but E6 has better hardware. This means that sound quality will be equal or most probably better than E2. And as you can see from the link, E2 demolished its competitors when it came to sound quality, including the famous Walkman phones. So we can expect similar experience from E6.
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