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Moto G discussion thread

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So, who bought the 16GB and who bought 8?

Looking forward for Moto G review threads :D

16GB mine. There's no way one can enjoy this phone with just 5.3GB of space.

Yeeeeeeee...I ordered my 16GB G today :-D .
Was in a hurry so ordered red back cover instead of royale blue. Will red look good?
Btw,Snap deal said USB cable. What about that?

To me Royal Blue would be my first choice. Second would be RED. But I wanted a Flip Cover and the Blue one was already Out of Stock. So, I ordered the RED One. Like others, the 70% discount was not offered. And I have emailed customer support. Hope it gets settled.

Regarding the USB cable, the listing shows Charger. I think there will be a detachable USB Cable along with the charger.

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For Gaming - you shouldn't be concerned about CPU as it won't matter.. But since Moto G has a 720p Screen the gaming performance will be weaker compared to Xperia L ( old one )..

Doesn't quite looks so. Try comparing ZR(quad core) with SP(dual core) and you'll spot the difference. Asphalt 7 stutters on SP, but not on the newer ZR though both sport an Adreno 320. I don't think the CPU is out of the equation. Besides, both have comparable screens. One is only slightly better(ZR) than the other(SP), yet there is a difference in gaming performance(CPU)


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Flipkart selling now 8 GB models.

I hope all the wannabes get 8 GB models.. so that when 16 GB model arrive back the stock last for more duration.. so as to allow me to buy it for my friend! :p

Btw.. this phone would have sell like hotcakes even without the *offers*.. lol.
The offers just did the job of "light" to fireflies. xD

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Those who have earlier placed order for moto g without any cover/shell can still get 70% off on the shells even if ordered separately today..

read here

thank god... its cancelled.

Now here what I did before, first I hurriedly placed an order for moto g only without cover, as I was afraid that till choosing the cover it may go out of stock.

then I placed order with cover when I saw that moto g is still in stock.. and atlast I canceled previous order the one without cover

Now the great thing is that the newer order got an earlier delivery date of 10th feb while my previous order was showing 17th feb. :p :D

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This is so unfair man!!!!! I was looking for flipcover on discount and it wasn't accepting any discount on that, so ordered back shell instead. Now they are offering reduction on flip cover when it's too late. Damn it!!!


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Flipkart itself was trolling, Earlier they said you will get discount on multiple shells and then they denied saying check product detail for clarification its not there.

First they said you gotta purchase shell along the phone to avail offer, now they are saying those who didn't got any shells can buy one with 70% off till 31st march. Damn If I had known earlier I would have waited for royal blue flip cover, bt still got a nice torquoise back cover.

just now got a computerized call from flipkart asking me to confirm my order.. It said, "agar aap apna order confirm karna chahte h toh kahe haa nahi toh naa" .. :-D


Yeeeeeeee...I ordered my 16GB G today :-D .
Was in a hurry so ordered red back cover instead of royale blue. Will red look good?
Btw,Snap deal said USB cable. What about that?
i also got red one only..!

@anky.. should work fine .. bt if u want 2 b 100% sure b4 buying wait till I get my moto g.. :D
okay..just tell me when ur arrives...mine will arrive by 9 or 10 i guess..


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This is the email i got from FK at around 12 PM today. I was unable to avail the 70% off on shells offer.
Dear Customer.
Greetings from Flipkart!!!

We noticed that you had placed an order for Moto G without the customizable original Moto G shells. We believe the Moto experience is not complete without the colorful Back Shells or Flip Shells. As part of the Moto G launch day offer, we are giving you a Flat 70% discount on one of your favorite original Moto G Back Shells and Flip Shells.

To avail the offer, please Log in with your Flipkart account ( or the email id) used to purchase the Moto G handset, and place an order for your favorite Back Shell/Flip shell. You will get a 70% discount during checkout. This offer can be redeemed once between 12pm , 6th Feb 2014 and 12pm 31st March 2014. Thanks for shopping with us and have fun flaunting that Moto G.

I'm so happy. God Bless you Flipkart. :razz:


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Just got SMS than my Moto G 16GB will be delivered by today evening :)

Had placed the order yesterday afternoon. I feel that one day delivery option is not required for most products in Bangalore.


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Just received a SMS from FLIPKART saying that my order is out for delivery. I talked with the delivery guy and he says I will get it around 2PM. Soooo excited.... :twisted:


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my order page still shows "confirmed by seller" .. not even packed... bt delivery date is 10th .. have to wait couple more days.. :(


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Yay! Finally received (power of in-a-day guarantee)....

First impressions.

1) In the box: Phone, headset (like the SAMSUNG one in white), charger (like APPLE but no detachable USB), User manual

2) Looks smaller (I was using Canvas 2 and Xperia L.)

3) 12.92GB available

4) Feels good and sturdy in hand.


More pics to follow......
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