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Motherboard (startup Intel logo) problem

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Hello ,

About 2 months before i purchased a computer with D945GTP & after using it 2
months my motherboard gone burst afte rthat i got new motherboard ,
I have intel 3.0 GHz processor (model 560)

The problem is that My motherboard doesn't shows startup Intel logo but show sometimes , also it hangs up suddenly while starting .

also my vendor was telling me that my motherboard gone burst cause
i didn't registered my motherboard serialon Intel site .if its right on which site should i register my serials?

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!


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Kick your assembler to give such a lame reason, whatever a motherboard got to do with internet it just aint to give such a reason.

Check CMOS, breakage/defects, and CPU temperatures as well, to know if the processor is alteast mounted well.


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motherbards crashesd due to unregistration - huh
ur vendor is a cheat he's fooling u & nothing else
n the reason for Intel Logo is that u have disable logo from BIOS
also check ur Power Cable
Once it happen to me my Monitors Power Cord was reflecting currect so due to that i lost my 3 graphics card


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Check whether the RAM is inserted correctly in the slots.Remove them and insert them back in different slots.
I had similar problem and it was solved by doing this.
And dont forget to check you graphics card.


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Hey, get the Cabinet checked as well.

I had a similar issue and the PC kept restarting after the logo.

And YES.... Ur Assembler deserves to be kicked. Give the name so that others in this forum, who are in the same place as u would stop goin to him.


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Thanks a lot for this imp info friends !!!! , can anyone please tell me that how to
enable intel logo from bios????
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