1. eggman

    Mindtree Or Infosys?

    Hi. I have got an offer letter from Infosys and will most probably get an offer letter soon(finger crossed) from Mindtree! Since package are almost same, which One should I join! While Infosys wins in Brand reputation and its training, Mindtree does not take so many 1000s of freshers each year...
  2. koolbluez

    help.. stay in bangalore... mindtree area... mysore road

    bangloreans..... help A friend of mine coming to bangalore.. need to stay from 2 months in bangalore... near mysore road... where Mindtree is givin him some training classes.... where should i advice him to stay? pg accomodation...? anythin else... place details... can any1 reply asap.. he's...
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