Meet Ouya, the $99 open Android TV Game Console


Back to school!!
Bring one with Arm 15 quad and Mali 600, will play console quality games at 1080P easy.


Right off the assembly line
Yes Ouya looks to be a nice little game system for recreational gamers. This is by far not for hardcore gamers, but it does have a place in the gaming market. I backed this product when it was doing it's Kickstarter promotion for a few reasons and I was glad to see that they went with as a domain name! I haven't kept up to date on the project, but I did glance over an email about them the other day and they have actually paired up with several quality companies. I look forward to receiving mine.


I think it will have wonderful platform games. I am hoping something like Rayman would come up for this.

Also I do not find many games catering to young children. Most of the games have too much gore or violence. Even the mild kinds are off limits for children. I think this will make a good case for casual gaming for kids on the cheap.

Maybe some of us will also buy this to take a break from hardcore gaming.
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