Meet Ouya, the $99 open Android TV Game Console


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OUYA, or should I say Oh Yeah! is a completely open game console based on the Android Operating System (which is open source, so to speak). When I say “open game console” I mean a 100% hackable one. Yep, Oh Yeah.. sorry OUYA is a completely hackable system open to you. No restrictions as such. This also means that you don’t void warranty by modifying the system or the OS. Yes, a dream come true for games and modders alike! And it comes with a mean configuration which seems in sync with the latest and greatest smartphones too. The OUYA game console connects to your TV, just like good ole days and gets you game on!

OUYA Game Console Specifications:

- nVidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor
- 12 Core ULP GeForce GPU
- 8 GB internal storage
- Android 4.0
- 1080p HDMI TV Connector
- Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0
- Wireless Controller (one unit bundled), dual-analog sticks
- Android 4.0 ICS Operating System


Price Tag: $99 (one controller bundled)

Launch Date: March 2013

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Looks good but it can't tap into the hardcore gaming market.
Reasons are obvious.

All games that come to the android market cater to a more casual audience.


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well how does it compare to a core 2 duo ? or a sandybride ? How much eye candy can this Tegra provide as compared to a PS3/360 ?


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^^ Its not compared to ps3 or 360. Cell is way way faster both in terms of computation and rendering as well.

The games here cannot compare to the ones available for ps3 or 360 due to hardware limitations and android platform. Expect casual titles only. But casual doesn't mean uninteresting.

It will create a whole new segment and have no competitors.


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Please correct me if I am wrong.
I think the developers got it right.. the amount of arcade games available for dirt cheap price (including free ones) and the number of users already playing these in their mobil devices.. it would out sell (#of users) any AAA title games.

what if we compare # of users playing Angry Bird vs BF3 or COD MW3 ???


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^^ No you cannot compare angry birds with bf3 or cod series even in terms of no. of users. Ofcourse angry birds will win that way but its not an even comparison because AB and Bf differ by light years in providing interactive content experience.

If we speak about generating revenue, AAA titles are far ahead.

But here, chances are given to independent developers to showcase their prowess in an open platform having a wider user base. Developing for ouya means also developing for android platform which is very common in tabs and smartphones as well.

Developers got it right but aren't competing with the hardcore gaming market. You can say these games competing with psn and xbla arcade titles.
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Either way I'm excited about a cheap console for $99 which will let me play quality games that can be bought for as little as say $0.99


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^^ Don't expect games at $0.99 to offer quality all the time. Think from strict casual point of view. You won't get the experience as you get in a pc or other consoles.

Games that you play in your tab or smartphone will be ported to this. They are nowhere hardcore and don't offer a deep storyline. They are for pure limited fun.

Lets see what 3rd party developers do for it.


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hardcore is gonna get here
hardcore is totally a trend right now on mobile platforms
casual and social makes it more hardcore, even meaningless grinding get's hardcored when you are competing with others who are meaninglessly grinding
the phenomenal thing is that games that were made 10+ years ago are being adapted to these mobile platforms. You have Ascension, and the 7th guest, carmageddon is on it's way, doom is in there and that's easily more hardcore than any this gen fps gaemz... does not get any more hardcore than this
additionally, the games made just before the advent of tabs are great here too, world of goo ocd level is harsh, and project 83113 is brutal, these will offer the hardcore experiences on any tv console based on currant mobile app stores
unfortunately, hardcore is not allowed in the iOS app description!
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