1. Cyberghost

    Publishers lose copyright case against DU’s photocopy shop

    The Delhi high court dismissed on Friday suits by three international publishers against the sale of photocopied books and pages in Delhi University, a landmark verdict likely to have a wide-reaching impact on copyright laws in India. Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw also lifted a ban on the...
  2. mohityadavx

    Suggestion Needed for Setting up File Sharing System at University

    Hey Folks, Well at our university we do not have any file sharing system in place, and we are trying to convince the IT Department to put one in place. Since, they are not keen on implementing one or maybe they are just clueless (which is a real possibility) about file sharing systems in...
  3. I

    How is Thapar University?

    Hi all! I have option to go to Thapar University for a masters. I am right now undecided between a M.Tech in VLSI design or Energy Technology and Management. As I did my bachelors from abroad I dont have much information or feel regarding the education quality here at the masters level...
  4. iinfi

    Online PG (MCA) from mysore university

    Hello, I am planning to pursue Online MCA from University of Mysore. They seem to have started this online PG courses from last september. Below are the links. University of Mysore Mysore University launches online distance education programs in partnership with U18 | Business Standard...
  5. seamon

    Where have you been accepted?

    With college admission decisions rolling in, it's time to tell everyone where you have been admitted to college. My first acceptance: Purdue University.
  6. Imperial_Raj

    Two Questions Related To My Graduation

    Hello guys! Back in these forums after a long time. Feels good :-D So, I completed my class XII with 78% marks in aggregate (ISC Boards) this year. But PCM was just 62% with Maths at a measly 55/100. Clearly, I'm bad in Maths (Calculus and Trigonometry deserve a special mention here :P) and...
  7. seamon

    Gaming Scholarship.

    Huh: School Offering Real League Of Legends Scholarship | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  8. R

    What to do after 12th CBSE [Bad Result]

    Hi folks, I'm pretty much sure that I'm gonna get ~68% in CBSE Boards (12th). I'm a PCM idiot. (Physical Edu.). I'm interested in going for B.Tech(With Hons.) - M.Tech (Dual Degree) [5 Years] [CS] but most universities need the one to score higher than 80% in qualifying exams. What should I...
  9. Bytebolt

    Career planning after +2 : Integrated BCA in Cyber Security ?? It that worth?? Help Me ^^Source It says it is UGC recognised, DEC Approved, Affiliated to IGNOU Collaboration (Indian University), Affiliated to...
  10. dude1

    Suggestions for abroad studies.

    Hey guyz! My engineering will be over soon and I am inclined on joining civil services. I was thinking of getting a public administration degree. Especially if I can get admitted from a reputed university in US/UK. What is the procedure? Am I eligible for SAT? Which University is good? etc...
  11. Revolution

    MA Distance Ed.

    Hi, I want to do MA Distance Ed. Must be Bengali medium. I wanted to MA in Philosophy but sadly I had History,Education & Sociology in BA(Calcutta University). So,I guess I have chose any one subject from above for MA. What would be best for me ? I don't know if Calcutta University or other...
  12. T

    IBPS Changes Eligibility Criteria for Recruitment of PO/MTs in Public Sector Banks

    Quite a hot topic since past few days:
  13. chandan3

    ELLIM university

    I ll do in this university,is it recognised , ugc approved , or nt,should i admission in this university , and guys help me
  14. axelzdly1

    Mechanical Engineering,anyone?

    Hello edu-babus! Im currently in my 3rd year of Mechanical engineering in a not-so-famous college of Pondicherry (Central) University..I have a thirst for quality standard innovative technical academics(if you know what I mean?) and would do anything to get a hold on it..Somehow I need to...
  15. lakeport

    Btech from Delhi university

    Hi guys all my engg entrance exams have been declared. I have not been selected in any of them except UPES dehradun. :( Now i am thinking of doing Btech from Delhi University. Can someone advise me about it? How is it...? Also can i apply for Btech and BA both? Because if i dont get Computer...
  16. lakeport

    SRM University what can i expect with a rank of 46000

    as the title says, today results for SRMEE have been declared and i have got a rank of 45k something. :( My question is, what can i expect from it? Which branch will i be able to get approximately and in which campus of the university? Anybody here who is from SRM university, or had...
  17. A

    for class 12th pcm group, engineering aspiring students.........(quality of an engineering college)

    whenever a student in india from physics, chemistry, maths group passes his class 12th then, many of the students give the engineering entrance exams..........there are the conclusions in life, which you expect to have matured at, some time earlier in your life. one is such a discussion relating...
  18. A

    New to Digit Magazine

    Hey everybody I am Amit,new to this forum. I actually joined this forum to get my queries solved regarding to IT engineering from Mumbai University I hope I will get my doubts cleared and learn new things from u all Thankyou
  19. B

    Advice on admmsion in colledge... ( help...?

    hello ... i am looking for decent col. in north indian for bcom..and i looked at Maharishi Markandeshwar University (Mullana,ambala)) .. i visited it and found campus quite good with many foreign student ( mostly africans) .the atmosphere in univ. looks good but i want to know it is good...
  20. Vyom

    Indian Satellite "PSLV-C20" Launched on 25th Feb, carrying an Android Google Nexus One phone!!

    No, I AM more excited for the satellite to have launched successfully, than sending a Nexus phone along with it to space! :P But come on... they did carry a Nexus!! :D Anyway, so here's some citations: Source1: Welcome To Indian Space Research Organisation - LIVE Web Casting Source2...
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