MCA or MscIT?

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I want to take up the above courses from Sikkim Manipal University.Please tell me which one of the above programmes shud i go for.
MCA: *

MscIT: *

I know i'm asking too much from u guys by giving u the site name to see the course structure. But pls i really need to know what u guys think of it?
I wud be grateful if u guys can share yur opinion.[/url]
Hey, I am from that Institute. I am presently persuing B.Tech Computer Engg.(2nd Year) I guess you should go for MCA as it has better future prospects than MScIT . If you need any other help do personal e-mail to me.


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well u know mca has a nice course which makes one know as equal as a be/btech. msc it will have a major n comp subjects but u dont want to study !comps right? (i mean NOT comps ;)

mca z a better choice.
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