1. ariftwister

    Prison Architect Discussion Thread

    Hey Guys, I started playing this game recently and got instantly addicted to it. So Post your prison structure and your Valuable tips and tricks to the new Architects. - - - Updated - - - My new Prison in Planning - - - Updated - - - My Tips: * Place the jail door at last while constructing...
  2. gdebojyoti

    Books & Videos

    Can someone please tell me about some good books & video tutorials (YouTube or otherwise) on the following subjects? Algorithms C Java Data Structure using C Data Structure using Java C++ C# ASP.NET PHP SQL JavaScript Multiple books on a subject are okay if they are required to cover topics of...
  3. The Conqueror

    Books for Data Structure

    I'm little confused on which book to buy. I'm currently in Semester -3 of Mumbai University. The university has recommended the following books for DATA STRUCTURES IN C : TEXTBOOKS: 1. Data Structures A Psedocode Approach with C, Ri chard F. Gilberg & Behrouz A. Forouzan, second edition...
  4. velociraptor

    video lectures and study material for following

    hey frnds i need urgent help finding tutorials and other study material on following please help 1-oops with c++ 2-microprocessor (8085 if possible) 3-computer organization 4-data structure thanx in advance hey ill any 1 reply plz
  5. velociraptor

    data structure

    hey friends i am facing problems in understanding data structure .dont even get a lil bit of what my teacher is trying to speak would you suggest me some tutorials cz our exams must b starting from 26th of this month so guys please help me
  6. Sambit_Lucky

    Suggest me a good RAM

    Hi I bought HP Pavilion G6 Series G6-1313AX 1 month before.It has 4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram.But I need to update it to 8GB. So could you please suggest me the good performance RAM brand ? I am confused between these brands and details.These are the details of brand and configuration...
  7. phuchungbhutia

    Help! Sql: copy values from one field to another in the same table

    I have a db table where i have fields like name , desig, section basic, bassup, etc. What i want to do is copy all the value under bassup and insert into basic, keeping he same table structure. How cn i do so, help me.
  8. A

    help needed to join networking course in HCL

    Hello Friends, I and my friend is willing to join the networking course offered by HCL Infosystems. Can anyone please tell me the details regarding the course structure,fee structure , eligibility. My questions are as follows : 1) Course structure? 2) Fee Details 3) Eligibility Criteria 4)...
  9. U

    How to move files in Winrar without extraction

    Suppose the directory structure in a rar file is as follows A - B - C.exe I want to remove the folder A or cut the folder B to opening of Winrar such that the directory structure is as follows: B - C.exe Is it possible to do without extracting files from the winrar or I'll have to...
  10. L

    Homeopathy - Interesting claims!

    I came across a couple of videos on Homeopathy. I don't believe in it and this explanation might help some to get convinced as to why!! and to some who believed an eye-opener!! :) I by default open thread in Fight club :D Here, you can see...
  11. B

    structure of RAM

    Hi, can anyone plz help me in understanding the structure of computer memory(RAM,DRAM,SDRAM,CACHE) ?? Which site i should check to have some information about these?
  12. saurabh kakkar

    scandisk hangs computer while checking directory structure ...

    hi I m in serious pain My windows xp which resides in D:\ is not booting now when i try Scandisk from bootable cd on my D:\ (Xp) drive my system hangs at 9% while checking Directory Structure given constantly "tick" sound Scandisk does not hangs on any other partion (C:\,E,:\) What...
  13. Batistabomb

    need help - pirates of carribean

    guys actually i had been struck at 2nd level wher a huge monster comes with a large stick to attack us, actually here we should roll her in to the pot so that the other guy will throw a rock on her from up,but how can we put such a huge structure in a pot
  14. V

    Software to browse the structure of a website ?

    Is there any Software to browse the directory structure of a website ? I'm not asking for any FTP explorers, but software to browse/view the directory structure of HTTP sites like we use Windows Explorer.
  15. abhi.eternal

    Help: JavaScript Code. Important!!!

    hi. i need your help for developing a webpage. i have created a table with 3 columns. now i want to load images (300*250) in the middle column from a particular folder. but they should be selected randomly. after an image is selected, by clicking it a new link (target: blank) should open. i...
  16. Samish

    Need Ebooks

    I want free ebooks on topics - 1.Visual basic 6.0 2.Computer Organisation and architecture 3.Autocad 2004 4.System analysis and design 5.Data structure through C if anyone knows plz tell me........
  17. gauravakaasid

    utorrent error!!!! help me...

    am downloading a file of around 4.5gig,have managed to complete 50% on my measly 64kbps connexion. and now utorrent throws up this error: Error: The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable. wat do i do???????
  18. T

    Looking for one or two PHP programmers

    Hi guys, I'm part of a team creating an online managerial cricket game and when I say managerial, I mean this in a unique way, the object of the one playing the game is to manage their player in the game as they try to progress, beat out competitors to try to earn a place in the national...
  19. anandk

    "FastFolders" is a nice small but useful utility.........

    "FastFolders" is a nice small but useful utility, those interested, pls check it out. IT REALLY SAVES ONES TIME ! :) Without opening each and every folder, you can browse the directory structure starting at any point by clicking the right mouse button on a file, folder or drive. The program...
  20. tuXian

    Urgent: Google Sitemap Troubles

    I run my blog on wordpress. I decided to use Google sitemap for better indexing therefore downloaded the Google sitemap pluigin from which automatically generates the sitemap.xml from the blog structure. So far so Good...
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