****Maxthon 1.2.1 Released****

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drgrudge said:
@atul, u should have backed up ur bookmarks b4 u reinstall/upgrade ur firefox..., anyway we should have backed up even if u are not doing to do any of these two things. Losing bookmarks is a very lame excuse to switch over other browsers.

for you it might be a lame excuse
but for me it was a headache a LOSS as well
man absolute HEADACHE :evil:
you dint read what i said it wasnt just because of the bookamrks
but the HOGGING of my memory with those plugins i had installed
it was a nightmare for me i gave it some hope
but ultimately after that incident i had to give it up


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Indyan said:
Hello,Mr smart guy,batty isnt trolling.It seems that you forgot that this is a Maxthon thread.
Looks whose talking....
Shall i show u a Firefox thread where u have trolled abt opera? Even in this thread u did... :lol:


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SpySweeper detects Spyware on Maxthon ?!

Webroot SpySweeper detects EffectiveBrands spyware on it !?
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