1. patkim

    Looking for PS2 Keyboard with 'Power Sleep Wake' function buttons

    I am looking for a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake function buttons. While I search online, I don't find any with these buttons. Some mention in their description but on product photo these buttons are not there. Does anyone know any brand that makes such a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake...
  2. N

    Help with extension cable

    I am using HyperX cloud core headphones which comes with Mic. The wire is only 1m and hence I am thinking to buy this extension cable. If i use it, then will my mic function as it used to function before ?
  3. axes2t2

    Samsung Galaxy core 2 - left soft key function.

    Anyone know how to change the function of left soft key on Galaxy Core 2 to open the menu and not the recently used apps?
  4. P

    Need a single function laser printer

    Need a single function laser printer. Thinking of buying HP 1020. Is it a good choice? Additionally, i would also like a printer to which i can remotely give a print command. For example, say i am outside & want to print a doc. So i just send it to my printer over the internet & get it...
  5. mukherjee

    Pause live TV in Dishtv tru HD+

    I recently acquired a new Dishtv truHD+ connection at my place. Since it has the USB recording function claiming to have "live pause TV" function, I did not find any detailed procedure for pausing tv in the supplied manual. The remote has all the buttons for recording (play, pause...
  6. M

    Which Phone to accomodate Xperia ZR as well BB Curve

    I recently bought new ZR and happy about features, speed and overall function. This switch over from BB Curve using almost 3 years. ZR is best phone indeed but I really missed BB Curve easy-speedy & user friendly interface with user. Sometime, I bit irritate with ZR interface to use...
  7. mati17

    Photo Copier Or Multi Function Printer

    Dear Forum, I am planning to start a Mobile Shoppe. I also want to give "Xerox" facility @ my shoppe. But I am not sure about photostat biz will be successful or not. So, I want to know are there any "Entry Level" Photocopier Machines available in the Market (Price Range :10K to 15K) because...
  8. A

    Problem in assigning a particular value of submit using javascript

    <html> <head> <script language="javascript"> function check() { if (document.getElementById("t1")==1) { document.form.submit(); } } </script> </head> <body> Enter a no <input type="text" id="t1"></input> <input type="submit" name="sub" value="First"></input> <input...
  9. hari1

    Values not getting deleted in localStorage

    I am learning how to make a todo app using localStorage. I am making this app using Blackberry 10 jQuery Mobile theme. The problem is that sometimes the items in localStorage do not get deleted. See the JSFiddle here Get the Backberry jQuery theme files here: Javascript CSS Steps to...
  10. L

    Lock Cut function on USB devices?

    The other day, a friend of mine took few movies from my external hard disk. What happened was he Cut - Paste them. He's gone on a trip so can't even do a thing but curse him and be pissed. It made me wonder if there is a way to disable the CUT function on such devices. If yes, please help me...
  11. S

    Connecting both PC and Dish Tv with Monitor at the same time,possible??

    Is there any way by which i can connect both Dish TV and PC with monitor(dell u2312hm)at the same time and use PIP function for switching both,but connecting both via HDMI,so that good picture quality can be maintained?Is this possible?
  12. Chetan1991

    Need software for complete bandwith monitoring and control

    Hi everybody. I use Idea netsetter for internet access and it costs Rs 250 for 1GB. At such rates I cannot afford to let Windows 8 waste away bandwidth in the background. It isn't setting the connection as metered connection either. Is there any application to monitor bandwidth usage, with...
  13. V

    Simulating mute function using keyboard keys

    I was wondering if there is anyway that the mute function can be simulated using any software or workaround so that it can be mapped to some hotkey(s).The lack of a dedicated mute key in my laptop's keyboard is very annoying.
  14. E help with threads

    I will change my question as i the previous one is solved. Can a thread be temporarily suspended from another thread..? Say i have a thread A in a loop which checks and downloads some data . now i have to start another thread b which has to connect to the net. is there a way that when thread...
  15. 101gamzer

    Huawei unveils 6.1 inch monster Android phone

    Now Note II is just a kid in front of this...:-? Can it still be called a phone or is it a tablet with a calling function? You decide.:| I bet after this you will think what about an ipad phone :-D When the Galaxy Note was first announced, it was blasted for being too big for a phone and...
  16. apurvgupta1

    Best Laser Printer(black and white) within 5-6k

    Help to buy best Laser Printer(black and white) within 5-6k Hey guys, i am from delhi and want to buy laser printer with print function only and my requirement is casual printing and black and white. The budget is 5-6k. Some of the models that i think should be good are: 1. HP LaserJet...
  17. Ashokkumar01cbe

    What is the use of?...

    What is the use and function of bluetooth add-in in the microsoft office .........
  18. paroh

    suggestion for MFP(Multi Function Printer)

    Please suggest a good MFP (Multi Function Printer) Plus the price. Preference is laserjet with duplex printing . quality of printout should be good and the scan quality also should be good.
  19. funskar

    Windows Phone 8 to get mass storage and screenshot support

    As a function essential in the daily experience, the screenshot seems to have been Microsoft's hidden for a long time , with the approaching of the Windows Phone, the function of screenshots have surfaced, although Microsoft officials have not announced this feature and foreign websites Luo...
  20. Lalit Kishore

    What is use of Second Display Function provided by LG LM8600?

    I came to know that LG LM8600 has Second Display function. what's this and how it makes LG different from others.
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