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Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 Discussion


Living to Play
starting mass effect 2 and importing me1 profile , which i played as engineer, which class to chose now ?? please suggest with reasons... thanks

Choose whatever you want. It entirely depends on your playstyle. As for me vanguard and soldier were best. :p


whew ...just finished off both ME 1 & 2 over the past month. Still wondering if I should go for the third immediately or wait for the "improved" ending DLC


Steam High Templar
I'm getting crappy ME1 graphics and sometimes gameplay gets choppy too
i mean i have set particle effects to high texture to ultra-high and AA to 8x(via nvidia gfx card) still i get jagged edges or whatever you call them
P.S me2 is set at 1366 x 768 reso. with all special effects enabled yet it runs good on my lappy
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