1. Rockstar11

    whare can i samsung marine B2100 waterproof mobile??

    whare can i buy samsung marine B2100 waterproof mobile?? Hi Monsoon is coming... I want to buy cheap waterproof mobile... Where can I buy samsung marine B2100 waterproof? Mobile price is only 4000rs.
  2. pramudit

    Space marine not running

    i recently bought a copy of War-hammer 40k Space Marine but its not starting.... i open the file, it utilizes CPU & RAM and after 5secs....... Nothing.... CPU back to 0 and process gone from Task Manager list..... What to do...? :confused:
  3. MetalheadGautham

    Marine Engineering

    I have applied for a handful of entrance examinations and among the two major exams, IIT-JEE and AIEEE, I screwed up IIT-JEE big time (expecting double digit marks) and AIEEE I am yet to write but hope to do decently. Based on rankings from these exams, which are the good collages I can target...
  4. maddy_in65

    Memory issue.

    I have compaq laptop with nvidia 7510m GPU. I have 1Gb ram with vista home basic. When i tried to play games like marine commander 3, game gets slow. please suggest possible solution
  5. C

    DOOM ( based on game ) Dwayne Johson Movie Review

    DOOM is one of those movies that has been in what's called "development hell." Development Hell is a lot like the regular Hell, except the demons are all wearing expensive suits and can't make a decision about anything to save their afterlives. They throw half-baked ideas about a particular...
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