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Looking for balanced Headphones/earphones for Rs.500 (URGENT)


Broken In
Hi, as mentioned in the the title I am looking for IEMs/headphones(On/Over the ear) for Rs.500.

I broke my 2nd ES-18 in a year...so I am low on budget, but audio quality is my only priority.

As for my requirements:

Budget : Rs. 400-500

Use: Listening to Long bouts of Music

Music type : Prog metal, Metal core, Prog rock.

Emphasis on : balanced sound, treble shouldn't be harsh, cymbals/ Hi-hat should be distinct.(not a TSHH crash sound)

Device : Redmi-1s (Rooted, using Viper4android) and Samsung series 5 Laptop (NP550-P5c S04IN)

Here is the narrowed down list of probable candidates:
http://http://www.flipkart.com/soundmagic-es-18-headphone/p/itmd8dggvtjvyyek?pid=ACCDUVC6HQ8W7JD6&srno=b_8&ref=b81253c0-b99a-429c-9788-23a42303e938 for 500
Would buy them in a heart beat, if not for the pathetic ASS and Build quality.

Buy Philips SHP1900/97 Over-Ear Stereo Headphone (Black) Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in for 400

Buy Philips DJ SHL3000/00 Over-Ear Headphone (Black) Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in for 500

Also,COWON EM1 is available for 800, but I find it really hard to stretch my budget that far.
Just how much better is it as compared the the aforementioned models.


I used to own the SHP1900, comparing it to ES 18, the sound volume is a bit low but the build quality is pretty good.. Even after 3 years of (ab)use, its still working perfectly .. The rubber sides may come off though..
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