1. P

    App To Create A Gif Image

    I have heard about animated gif pictures, but more is I want to create such image by myself. Is there any app available to create a gif image?
  2. P

    App for restoring deleted files

    I there any app to restore the deleted files from android phone?
  3. PulkitSingh18793

    Weight gain app

    There are thousands of weight loss apps but my friend needs a weight gain app and not able to find one she turned to me 1. What is your mobile operating system including version number? If Android, please mention if rooted or not. Android ( Not rooted ) 2. What is your phone model? Xiomi Mi...
  4. K

    Controlling your child activities is made easy in *REMOVED* app

    After I noticed my girl watching the content, not appropriate according to her age, I was stressed over web well-being of my daughter to prevent her to the content not suitable for the children through mobile phones and tablets. So I decided to try the *REMOVED*. I was amazed because of its...
  5. B

    Failed to add torrent in a torrent client

    Hello Friends, I bought utorrent pro, I had some voucher code for Play Store. I transferred a torrent from pc to phone, but IDK how to open it. So, I tried adding some torrent from a popular torrent website. I clicked on the download button and utorrent app opened but I displayed a message...
  6. Vyom

    Query about RX 480 and MSI Gaming App functionality

    So its been about 2 months I am enjoying my RX 480 GPU. (Ma 1st eva gpu), and I had this query for quite some time. So I am throwing this out here, in a hope that someone knows the answer. My GPU supports 3 modes of operation. 1316 MHz / 8100 MHz (OC Mode) 1303 MHz / 8000 MHz (Gaming Mode) 1266...
  7. D

    excel contacts to android device

    dear all i restored my phone to factory default. earlier i have saved my contacts to excel file using app. now i want to restore my contacts. but that app is asking money. can anyone help me find a free app which can import my contats from excel file to my phone contacts. tried most of...
  8. B

    Bandwidth limiter Android app

    Hi Guys, First of all sorry if it is a wrong section to post this question, but I wasn't able to find a thread about Android apps. Is there any working Android app that can limit the speed/bandwidth to the connected devices? This app used to work but with the new update, it is not anymore-...
  9. Shah

    #Code - An Online Compiler for Windows 10 devices

    Looking to learn and explore various programming languages? But don't want to go through the hassle of installing all the development tools? Introducing #Code, an online compiler app that lets you compile your code snippets on the go. With #Code, you can compile code snippets and execute it in...
  10. B

    Any mobile app to secure my communications?

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile app that can encrypt all my chats, messages and emails and can only be seen by the receiver. i tried few, but not satisfied... Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. A

    automatic call recorder app for my lumia 535

    Dear sir, is there any automatic call recorder app available for Microsoft lumia 535.Also share it on lumia 535 is not being able to send or receive on laptop .can you please help with this.
  12. A

    Best Birthday Reminder App

    Hi guys Can anyone suggest a good birthday reminder app. I don't use facebook and I want to manually add my friends birthday. Paid/Free any will do.
  13. patkim

    Google lay Store How to update or where to get the apk for manual install

    On my Redmi 1S the Google Play Store app crashes frequently. It crashes mostly during typing a search string in the text box!! Basic steps like clear cache, clear data, delete and recreate account etc have been tried but the crash is consistent. So Search on Play Store is crippled on my device...
  14. J

    APP suggestion ( cross platform)

    Hello folks, I use an android smartphone ( MI 4 ) for regular use, have a Mac Air for personal surfing etc. and some other windows based PCs. Urgently need the following APPs which can be synced and used on all 3 platforms. 1. Calendar App showing appointments 2. Music player with...
  15. Pratik Pawar

    Gallery app Problem

    My lil sis bought Micromax Unite 3 Q372, 3 months ago, with Android 5.0.2 :mrgreen: since few days, the Gallery app is not working, not even starting, whenever we open it, an error message occurs, all the pics are there, coz the photos app opens, & they can be seen there, what could be the...
  16. dashing.sujay

    Five apps you can't live without

    These days people are almost obsessed with apps. App for this, app for that. A typical smartphone has countless app these days but the ground reality is that we seldom use those many. So I'd to know your feedback on let's say you have a brand new smartphone (irrespective of OS), and you're...
  17. ajayritik

    Having trouble viewing and copying files from PC to iPad

    I recently updated my iPad to newer version using the Update option after connecting the iPad to my PC. After that update I'm unable to view the videos from the videos app on my iPad. When I use softwares like Shareit and Xender from my PC I can see the videos of the iPad in the contents of...
  18. D

    ROM for galaxy s4

    Even after a fresh format and few months later i don't know where the geebees of space start shrinking without installation of any heavy apps or any files. Though the mobile is working normal as usual but don't know where this space goes i cant even install a 20 mb app. I had installed some...
  19. sling-shot

    Flipkart mobile website returns: 7 things to know

    Flipkart mobile website returns: 7 things to know ---------------------------------------------- After a banishment of sorts, the Flipkart website has made a comeback to smartphones. The mobile website, which aims to deliver the same experience as the official app, is now live and comes as a...
  20. N

    Android shell emulator

    hello I wanna make an android terminal emulator app that can provide root access I need to know what functionalities should i include in my app i've to start from scratch and i'm facing problems in making a DATA FLOW DIAGRAM of this app this app is intended for advanced mobile-phone users...
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