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  1. B

    Weird referall email in new laptop

    Hi Guys, My friend purchased a Harassement-Packard laptop today and have received additional 2 gigs for 12 months as a part of the promotional collaboration between Dropbox and Harassement-Packard. But he has also received another 500 MB's as a referral from some jatin10890@gmail.com email...
  2. axes2t2

    [Android] Office app which installs on sd card.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace user with only ~30 mb phone memory left. Also is there a way to do that auto upload camera photos other than setup dropbox ?
  3. V

    Locked out of dropbox

    I had enabled 2 step verification for my dropbox account linking it to use Google Authenticator. Yesterday, I formatted my PC and also reset my galaxy s3 in process removing both the google authenticator app from the mobile and the dropbox app in my PC(it was the only trusted PC in my dropbox...
  4. Kniwor

    The Dropbox referral thread

    I searched, looks like we don't have a thread for Dropbox referrals For those who do not know what Dropbox is, it is a free service that allows you to backup, sync, share your files. It is very useful to keep multiple computers/laptops/cellphones synched. It works with iPhone/Android etc...
  5. leo61611616

    Mail Your Files to Dropbox

    Ever wished you could mail files to your Dropbox account? Then here are 3 sites that allow you to do exactly that: Send To Dropbox, AirDropper and Habilis. These sites, also makes it possible for anyone else you want to be able to upload files to your account, without giving out your id or...
  6. NucleusKore

    Installing dropbox on OpenSUSE 32-bit

    Hi I would like to report that the FC9 rpm works great. NO need to compile from source (actually that did not work for me). First open YaST and install the GNOME desktop environment if you are a KDE user. (I tried making do with just installing nautilus and dependencies but that doesn't work...
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