1. C

    sd card error

    What's wrong with my sd card? Everytime i store data on and then happen to remove it from the phone and later have it back on, all the files can't be opened,. It either says "file does not exist" or "there was an error opening this file" Is there a setting that i need to adjust?
  2. B

    phonebook gets vanished

    hallo friends, i have recently purchaced a KARBONN titanium s 5 plus . and it is performing well ,but only a problem occures sometimes. if i shutdown or restart /reboot my phone, its contacts list gets empty and shows "does not exist " caption. so allways i have to restore them from titanium...
  3. sandyss

    Buying Lg l9...but wait!

    I plan to buy the lg optimus l9 soon..i made this decision after a lot of research on the net. But is LG a good enough brand..i mean,is their smartphones long lasting,durable..build quality,withstand daily stress..etc good? my friends say "buy samsung galaxy"..but galaxy phones comparable to...
  4. cute.bandar

    Looking for an easy to use phone for mummy

    Need absolutely 0 features , except that the text should be nice and large and the phone should be easy to use. Also shouldn't be a toushscreen. Does there exist such a phone ? Please guide. Budget - Rs. 3.5k Thanks Edit: ps I want something reliable .
  5. slashragnarok

    Advice needed for buying monitor

    Hi, I am looking for a 21" LCD monitor within Rs 10000 which has DVI, VGA and HDMI input. Does such a monitor exist. USB port is optional. Also if such a monitor is available is a LED version available?
  6. soumya

    How The iPad Came To Exist

    Source digg
  7. Nithu

    Do you believe that aliens exist?

    Just came across an article that shows aliens came to earth 5000years ago... so what you think guys??... does they really exist?. Read More -> http://hubpages.com/hub/Most-remarkable-proof-that-aliens-exist
  8. Krow

    How many girls are there in TDF?

    How many females exist in this geeky abode of ours? Any idea? :D
  9. Pragadheesh

    === in MS word

    Hi, While typing in MS word, i accidentally gave === and pressed 'Enter' and i got Two full lines. I know this might be old. But just want to know what other such typing tricks exist.? Not the tricks of the sort '=rand(200,90)' but i want typing tricks that will be useful while doing...
  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Cant Hibernate xp ???

    im gettin this message when i press hibernate ??? insufficient system resources exist to complete the api
  11. F

    Lock Pendrive/Flashdrive Without Third Party Software(Batch File)

    Hi there this code i made it by myself 2 years ago..now i let it be share to all... SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE Now copy the code Below to your notepad. echo off color 1a cls Title TAIP...
  12. trublu

    Tomcat not starting

    I installed netbeans 6.Apache tomcat 6.0.14 was bundled with it.Now whenever I try to start tomcat,I get an error: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.Unable to open 'tomcat6'. Plz tell me how to get this working.
  13. *GandaBerunda*

    how do i avoid getting my website hacked?

    i have to make a new website not using php or any other server side languages for my school. Can anyone tell me some tips how to aviod any security loopholes in it? it will have to be like this website : www.sudarshanvm.org as my school has told us to model the design on that style. (it is the...
  14. K

    Where is it?

    I have got Mircrosft Office 2000 in which Microsoft Front page does not exist? Is it possible on Microsoft Office 2003.If not, where can I get it from?
  15. M

    Is there any driver for LG kg110 handset

    I've LG kg 110 handset.Plz anyone tell me if there is any driver exist for this handset.I've to use internet via this handset.
  16. ferrarif50

    Will Linux cease to exist?

    Hello all, Just a highly improbable hypothetical question... If Windows goes open source , will Linux cease to exist? Post ur views!
  17. outlaw


    i got ma dataone connection yesterday [27th march] , and i've heard that bsnl starts the billing cycle only on 1st april in ma case. so how will i be charged for data transfer from 27th - 31st of this month will i be on plan 500 or plan 250 ??? or is there some other tariff rate for the...
  18. A

    Web hosting

    Hi guys , can u tell me sites which hosts the file for free without any time limit. like rapidshare but i want that no time limit should exist.
  19. nileshgr

    How to clean old unused registry keys?

    Guys, can you suggest me a free software (no trials please) which can clean me registry. Many Old Application Keys exist. Those Apps are not here. I hv uninstalled them. Thanks in advance
  20. rajasekharan

    Joe Nishizawa: Japan’s underground photography

    A enormous underground tunnel that runs through 40metres under the Hibiya Junction Tokyo or an underground dome that lies 500metres below deep in the mountains of Gunma…? In Japan unimaginably large spaces underneath our ground level lives exist. Even beyond the high walls of nuclear power...
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