1. D


    What is the language used in autorun.inf?
  2. mohityadavx

    Remove autorun.inf manually

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  3. C

    Virus / trojan / malware problem.

    Myproblem: My system is infected with some virus or a trojan. Also, i was not able to set the "Show hidden files" in folder option & i feel it is related to my problem. Detail: In all my drives, there seems to be 2 files with attributes: S H R File 1: autorun.inf [AutoRun]...
  4. M


    Hi everyone when i checked my pen drive attrib in the command prompt i have two files which i dont know about my friend told me that they are virus, i have a transcend 4 GB pen drive, the files are "jrbk.cmd and autorun.inf" please help know if they are are virus. if yes, how do i clean...
  5. vagish


    [autorun] ;hudkzbovgewosfhgivmzztf shellexecute="resycled\ e:" ;irampzikkhrvtaxncuwakys shell\Open\command="resycled\ e:" ;twymmlhgsoyynsyaowijbmwyverrfycmuwcrywprwkxthukvojrwvpkgcdefdz shell=Open ;wuhhgxfbcevswyhpbsyybjxqvhfmutrred The above is the code in the...
  6. Flashbang

    Virus problems

    My friend's pc got infected by a virus. He has removed the virus but now the C: (windows drive ) drive doesn't open up. It shows Open with dialog box. I know that some autorun.inf file is to be deleted but i don't know how. Please help.
  7. A

    Autorun Tutorial

  8. F

    Lock Pendrive/Flashdrive Without Third Party Software(Batch File)

    Hi there this code i made it by myself 2 years i let it be share to all... SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE Now copy the code Below to your notepad. echo off color 1a cls Title TAIP...
  9. A

    Citrix autorun.inf killer

    I saw a program called citrix autorun.inf killer in my friend's pc.It scans your usb drives and hard drives for autorun.inf files and removes them.I can't find it in the internet.pls help me.Also, which do u think is the best-avast antivrus 4.8 or eset nod32 3.0
  10. P

    FDD Access Virus !!

    my PC is infected by a virus which is trying to access the FDD every now & then. The culprit is my pen drive which i 've used somewhere and got me a new virus which is not detectable by NOD32 3.0.642.0. The suspected files i've found on the pen drive is 1. explorer.exe 2. isetup.exe 3...
  11. himtuna

    recycler/desktop.exe missing

    20 gb external hdd was infected with virus.. i cleaned it up. Now whenever i open it from my computer it gives an error message RECYCLER\DESKTOP.EXE MISSING I have changed the autorun.inf and even deleted it, but the problem still persists. I have deleted the entire recyler...
  12. rahul_jaiswal31

    Very bad situation

    hi i am suffering from folders opening in new windows. some1 told me to unhide files & folders & delete the autorun.inf but :eek: strange there is no folder options. i am usig latest avg but no result. plzzzzzzzzz help
  13. CadCrazy

    How to delete autorun.inf with command prompt

    I used dir/ah to view hidden files on c drive. Autorun.inf files is present there but when i try to delete it using "del autorun.inf " command , i get error file not found. plz help
  14. A

    Problem with opening drive/folder

    I m facing a strange problem from last few days. Whenever I clicked on any drive(i.e. C,E etc.), it is opening in new window.Every drive's default open with option is changed to "AUTO" from "OPEN". Though folders are opening in the same window. Also autorun.inf file which...
  15. sms_solver

    Automatic Slideshow in CD

    What will you do if you have hundreds of photos and want to burn them on a CD so as to display slideshow of these selected photos? The main idea is to start slideshow of your images as soon as you insert the burned CD into the CD-ROM. I have found out the solution to these problem. the sol is...
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