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They all have their own operating system. But you can install the Java software and games for them. However, none of them supports downloadable themes. However, both the Samsung has no built-in layout editor, so you can create the kinds of issues that the phone itself. LG Viewty is only built a couple of issues. For Symbian OS, then go to the N82, which sells 21k is not far exceed the budget... :)


what is the price of Nokia 2690 and when will it be launched in India?


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Yesterday I asked price of N82 Black in Nokia Gallery in Nirmal
was Rs 13,500 :)
Wow...N82 is still going around??..i heard it was phased out few months back,had even checked alfa for n82,couldn't find it...but if its true then its a steal... :D


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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if Samsung Galaxy is avaliable in Kolkata. And waht is the price of that model?
Anyone can say if its worth the cost?
My friend is looking for a cell and he is preferring capacitive touch and Amoled tech. He does have a preferrance for Samsung, but if there's a better deal anywhere else.. he will take that. I could find Galaxy as the best option... provided the discounted price on univercell site hold good everywhere. His budget is around 17-18K


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How much is the price of Nokia 5233 in mumbai....i want 2 buy this fone...:-D

moreover how many colors is it available....

& what is Nokia Nuron ???:grin:


Purchased Nokia 1661 - Rs.1800/-

Also enquired about latest prices of some Nokia models. They are,

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music - Rs.5350/-

Nokia 2730 - Rs.4600/-

Nokia 2700 - Rs.4000/-

All are Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) prices.


everyone i want to gift a mobile to my sis around 8k, i want to ask u all which model is best at this price range. it should have a good battery backup and a decent camera, and decent music.


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Purchased Nokia E63(white) - Rs.8975/- (with 2 GB Sandisk Memory Card) from Nokia Priority Dealer at Patiala, Punjab (Same rate available at Chandigarh)


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Hi all, I want to know u guys opinion about Garmin - Asus m10.. @ 19900.. is it worth buying.... except multitaasking... it can do everything... wht u ppl says??
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