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only 6220 classic will support tv output and mobiles which costs more than 22k.
Note - only in India.
(cheap marketing)

i would prefer to buy touchscreen with full or half qwerty keyboard(physical keys) and with tv o/p if i pay 22k anytime in this competitive world.

i went to buy n79 but got shocked when i heard that it also no longer supports tv output.
i compromised and bought 6220 classic for 12k though i had 30k in my that atleast i can see movies on my tv .it also have 3rd edition 3.2 fp2 which is much much better than 3.1 fp1 symbian (for appz and games loving ppl like me).

for 15k to 25k budget ppl
i would suggest you all to buy other brands like samsung omnida and if nokia then only this mobile.
only dis-adv , it does not have wifi.
just think how often do you use wifi??

At least you will love to see movies on tv if you buy 6220 and for 2.5 mm jack problem, go in market you will surely get converter.i was fan of old completely satisfied my needs of appz and games for complete 5 frnds save your money.

now days samsung phones are much much better than nokia phones.
sony erricson is no longer impressive anymore.
motorola much better.will surely gain market in future.

5630 xpress music is not going to be launched in India as i got official message from company(finally got answer.waited 3 months).According to me all these mess and superb cheap marketing is because of young talented MBA grads shitting in nokia office who knows only how to make profits out of ppl for company without thinking that they and there cousins are only going to face in future if they don`t stop.

surely nokia is going to face lot of problems in future in this competitive world.
replacement of battery on mass scale was also a part of marketing gimmicks.they were not able to give simple satisfied answer for Q why??
this company is no more top in india.just google and will surely get all answers.i am no more fan of nokia.

this mobile you can get at nokia priority,vileparle,near alfa,mumbai.

overall features are good you will love but looks and body terrible bad.
but am still satisfied.
installed softwares(answering machine,games etc) and watched 3 to 4 movies on tv using this mobile.

i sold 5800xm as it often got stuck with appz and found difficult to explore additional menu functions of most of the appz(as it has only one menu key).
touch screen too had problem, may be coz of jerks of my bike.anyway leave it.

bought 8gb memory card and stereo headset with rest of money.
(saved money).

b4 u buy any mobile do explore and

till now i thought alfa store sold cheapest but found one more competitive store near charni road(but i had doubt abt there stocks)

so finally decided and bought from nokia priority for 11.9k rupees.
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coz most of the frnds do not participate actively.(there wish)
so for whom to update???
post price here once you buy and help others.
i finally bought my mobile with the help of friends here in this thread.
am happy.No more buying mobile tension.
am not starter of this thread nor am moderator...
i have done my work.


last sunday purchased samsung s3310 cellphone.
pretty well build and decent camera and music ..much better lovin it...
only -ve point -> bluetooth transfer goed to to phone memory which is 30 MB and half is filled up already.

and at a price 4316/- inc. of taxes :razz:
NOT A BAD DEAL..what u say ?


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Hi people, went to Alpha today.
5800 - 14.5k
N86 - 22.5k
N97 - 31.5k
Plz keep updating this thread people. Thanks. :)


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Thanks for the information.Nokia 5800XM comes to a good price.
Posted again:
N81 is a good option.The camera is not worth.But rest of the features rocks.
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what is price of motorola ZN5 in mumbai ? i heard it is for 9k.


is there any one who can participate in updating this thread...coz its very helpful to lots of people..:)


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I bought E 72 recently for 20,999/-..
Bt before that u r required to prebook ur phne at *
The price mentioned on the page is 22989/-
Gt around 2k's discount.. :lol:


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Dear Friendz,

Today went to Nokia Priority in my city Surat, for checking out the price of N85 n N86. To my surprize, he told me that N85 is of 22k n N86 of 21.5k. I asked why N86 is cheaper than N85, so he told me that N85 is discontinued. I think its great deal for N86 in 21.5k. Wat do u think guys.

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Pls tell the price of Omnia 2.

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Pls tell the price of Omnia 2.


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omnia 2 maybe around 28k but not sure.

if you are looking at N86 just coz of it's camera, it's better to get a dedicated camera and a decent phone instead of spending 22k on a phone.

Except for 8mp cam and 8gig internal memory, it's inferior to 5800XM and 5800XM comes with 8gig microSD card. And I never really liked N86's design. Looks too plain.


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omnia 2 maybe around 28k but not sure.

if you are looking at N86 just coz of it's camera, it's better to get a dedicated camera and a decent phone instead of spending 22k on a phone.

instead of omnia u can get a better Handy cam with 1080p feature :-D


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Nice collection dude...
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I am looking to buy a mobile. My budget is 9.5K. I need :

> Good battery back up and good call quality (Call volume in my K790 is very low. New one should not be like this)
> Good quality display. 262K color screen or above
> A good camera. At least 3.2MP with autofocus and flash
> 3g
> MP3 player

I have the following phones in mind
1. Samsung U 800 soul
2. Sony Ericsson C510
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