1. ico

    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    The electricity which comes to your home, your AC supply is a pure sinusoid wave. But there are two types of UPS in the market: 1) Pure Sinewave UPS: which produce pure sinusoid AC. 2) Stepped Sinewave UPS or Modified Sinewave UPS: which produce an 'approximate' sinusoid AC. Power Factor...
  2. B

    [Need Advice] Specialized skill of a developer in creating a YouTube,Vine like app

    Hello Members, As new to android development, i have zero clue on creating an app from developers. I need advice in developing a YouTube, Vine like app from Freelancers. First of all, what all kind of specialized skill or developer level is required to make such apps. Any knowledgeable member...
  3. G

    Next Car Game

    You guys seen this ? It looks nice. Bugbear Entertainment presents Next Car Game | Join us in creating the ultimate full contact motorsport!
  4. Harsh Pranami

    Creating ad hoc in win 8

    OK, this is bugging me ever since I switched to win 8. The GUI interface for creating ad hoc in win 8 is gone. Using netsh utility seems to be creating an access point rather than an ad hoc network. I mean the clients are able to ping the host but not able to ping each other. PLease tell me if...
  5. rohitshubham

    Laptop reboots while using VMWare

    hey, so i thought of using my laptop for creating virtual machines . when i create virtual machines using VMWare Workstation v9, my laptop reboots without any warning. this happens after i power on the virtual machine after creating a new machine and after i select the option in the boot menu...
  6. B

    How to align these in Ms-Word

    Hi How to align these numbers in ms-word? I just can't get them to be aligned without creating a table Thanks
  7. prds359

    Difference between processor generation?

    What are the differences between 2nd generation intel core and 3rd generation intel core processors? Especially between the i7 ones? Sorry for creating new thread, was unsure where to put this query
  8. samudragupta

    What is partition?

    Hi friends, i have been scratching my head for quite some time over this. Can some one explain to me what is creating partition in windows and what is its use? please explain to me in layman's term.
  9. desiJATT

    Free bootable partition managers

    Guys, i am in need of a free but still fully functional bootable partition manager, which supports all Windows file system, and preferably also supports Linux formats likes ext3, ext4 etc. Also, it should allow all features like merging, deleting, creating new partition or resizing the present...
  10. Ridwan Shafi

    Beginner in Robotics: help me with it

  11. bijay_ps

    sql/Mysql programming on Ubuntu 10.04

    Hey guys! I am new to linux. And I have installed Ubuntu 10.04. Now I want to do database programing like creating tables, joins,etc so can anyone tell me how to do that in Ubuntu 10.04??
  12. windchimes

    Info needed on Google Sites

    Building a Google Site under my google account. Wish to know whether I can get an emailid under that site name I am creating. Looks dumb, but can't figure that out.
  13. A

    How to create a mp3 DVD?

    I want to play it on dvd player and car stereo. I tried creating a data dvd but it didn't work.:???:
  14. clerkman1612

    Web Designing or Web Development or Both? Which Job(s) is better?

    I m studying web designing since a couple of months. I have completed following topic :- Essential HTML,Working with Text,Presenting and Arranging Text,Working with Images,Links and Lists,Creating Tables,Working with Frames,Working with Style Sheets(CSS),Working with Multimedia. :cool: I m...
  15. A

    nwwd help for creating loud and clear ringtone for N*

    Hi all, I need your help for creating loud and clear ringtone for N8...plz tell me settings or any software which i can use to produce tht result
  16. C

    unknown error in ccs compiler

    Hi, i have been preparing to make the robot following the guidelines in digit's fast-track and dvd. on compiling the code in ccs compiler, it is pointing out an error in another window which it opened automatically. because of this error, it is not creating the hex file. i dunno wat it means. i...
  17. S

    Need a poster creating software Please suggesst me some

    I am need of creating a poster for a college function.I don't know photo shop or something. I need a "easy to use" software to create a poster as like "digit magazine cover" Please suggest me some softwares as soon as possible
  18. D

    DAO - Community Created Content - Modds - Anyone ?

    Dragon Age Origins - Is the game which got me into gaming. Earlier than that I just had played, Tekken,KOF,snakes on nokia,mario and street fighter... but that was way long time ago.This game introduced me to the concept of Community Created Content or modds etc... I have visited some forums...
  19. D

    My FACEBOOK Application

    Guys, Finally.. I succeeded in creating a Facebook App of my own. Thanx to Digit Fast Track. Plz, use n review it at Its an application that can b used for conducting surveys n creating polls. The votes are represented in the form of cool PIE Charts, BAR...
  20. D

    creating a music play application

    I am creating an application in which I'll play a song or a poem and want the lyrics of the song to move at the bottom of the screen. As the song progresses the lyrics should also move.....can anyone please give me any idea about it any programing language.....Java C C++ or .net....or...
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