Laptop/Netbook ?? Which one to pick for not tech savvy sis?


Can you hear it..??

Need your help in picking a laptop/netbook for my "not tech savvy" sis who is a doc. She'll be using it for internet,
storing pics/videos of her kid etc. Isn't looking for a high end machine but in the 20k range.

Would like to know,

a) Netbook / laptop in this case?

b) Is netbook worth investing for longterm use?

c) Which would be the best model to suggest as a netbook/ laptop around 20k range?

Looking forward!


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they are making some fine laptops nowadays with excellent screen and sound. So get a hands on in your nearest showroom.


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Excellent screen? :O
May I know which Samsung laptop has a great screen? :)

i know you'll definitely point to 550P having "not so good" HD screen. they cut corners to fit in a GT650 but in the entry level Samsung offers better display (compared to competitors). at least matte and bright ones whereas Asus (X54 or so) have low brightness and same is issue with most other cheap laptop manufacturers. You can't say i want everything at a strict budget. can you? ;)


Well which is why I asked which Samsung laptop has an excellent screen and not average or very slightly above average for some people screen :p

Anyway @windchimes

Samsung is a good brand so don't worry.


Can you hear it..??
The dealer offered two models

1) ASUS X44H - Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD - INR 23K
2)Samsung NP300 - Dual Core, 2GB, 500GB HDD ( got 6hrs backup) - INR 23.5K

The amount above is the lowest they could offer and said would give a gift of carry bag, optical mouse, headphone and cleaning kit :/

Also Asus got the model both in 14 and 15.6 inches, the price being the same

Any inputs on the above ??
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