1. A

    Secondary Laptop/netbook for 15k

    I would like to buy a Secondary (Not Second Hand) laptop/netbook for 15k Basically will be used for browsing and music and movies currently have zeroed down on Asus Eebook X205TA cause of its battery backup of 10 hrs any other laptop/netbook to consider?
  2. A

    need a new laptop/netbook for viewing movies

    Hi The laptop/netbook should be as light as possible with good battery life for portability. Not much keen on power as i need to basically play my media thru it while am on vacation. so battery and display(viewing angles) should be as good as possible. Possible amount i can spend 15-25k
  3. windchimes

    Laptop/Netbook ?? Which one to pick for not tech savvy sis?

    Guys, Need your help in picking a laptop/netbook for my "not tech savvy" sis who is a doc. She'll be using it for internet, storing pics/videos of her kid etc. Isn't looking for a high end machine but in the 20k range. Would like to know, a) Netbook / laptop in this case? b) Is...
  4. F


    need a laptop/netbook for basic usage.. considered the asus eepc intel dual core for 15.5k and external dvd drive for 2k, so total 17.5k and a toshiba 14'' laptop(dual core processor, 2gb ram, 320gb hdd) for 18.5k. Which one would perform better? Leave aside the battery backup of a...
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