1. S

    Best android volte tab under 15k

    Hi guys, Could you please help me out with the list of best tab under the price range of 15k supporting volte? Your suggestion will be appreciated. :)
  2. M

    Need Advice For Projector

    Respected Admin and Friends I'm a high school teacher. i want to buy a Projector for my school's class work as well for home entertainment. some days in the past i have read a advert. in news paper about some Epson 3d projector but i can't remember its model no. at this time. if you know please...
  3. A

    I want wifi booster that can extent its range to the maximum

    I want wifi booster that can extent its range to the maximum i mean which wifi booster can receive signals upto 200 meters
  4. D

    Need recommendation for an all-in-one printer within 7k

    I am a college student and I am searching for a decent all in one color printer within 7k so suggest me some good printers within this range
  5. U

    Suggest a DDWRT wifi router

    Hi friends, Need some guidance. I am currently using TP-Link W8968 ADSL Modem wifi router with ACT fibrenet. The main problem for me is low wifi range. Within the same room where the router is located, no problems at all. But if I walk away upto some 20 feet, signal is very low and poor and...
  6. S

    Best Bluetooth Earphone under 3k

    Guys I would like to know which among these has better sound quality and durable 1. Brainwavz blu 100 2. Boat rockerz 230 3. Soundpeats q7 Also please tell me if there are any better options in that price range. Thanks.
  7. Ronnie012

    Need mobile for official use 1000~2000 range

    I need a good mobile for office+personal use. Range preferably below 1000. Should have - 1.Looooong lasting battery life 2. Good sound and music playback capability 3. Good looks 4. 1.3 mp crisp camera if available Came across this one. How's it?(red one is available for 1200rs...
  8. aal-ok

    Which phone to buy?

    i am about to buy a new phone, budget, ~15k will be used for, gaming, movies, music, and internet. my shortlist- lenovo zuk z1 and redmi note 3. which one should i buy? i will buy it next month, and if you have any other phone in this range then please tell me.
  9. F

    Need a Router With Good Range.... 8k Budget

    Hi, I am currently using the Cisco E1200.... however its range is not soo good and need to use 2 range extenders to get 2 the other end..... is there any good routers which provide really good range.... so atleast i can get rid of 1 range extender in between
  10. A

    Please suggest Modem and router under 4000

    Hi guys, I am currently using an Airtel 16 mbps connection and am looking to upgrade my current 450TC1 to something substantial. My requirements are: 1. Proper range for a 1000 sqft apartment 2. AC standard 3. USB support 4. Budget <4000 I am interested in flashing openwrt or similar...
  11. A

    Please suggest ADSL router combo vs separate

    Hi guys, I am currently using an Airtel 16 mbps connection and am looking to upgrade my current 450TC1 to something substantial. My requirements are: 1. Proper range for a 1000 sqft apartment 2. Wifi AC standard 3. USB support 5. Budget <4000 I am interested in flashing openwrt or...
  12. D

    ASUS ROG GL552JX-DM291D vs LENOVO Y5070-59441760 vs Dell Inspiron 5548

    Hey there, I am looking to purchase a new laptop for me. What do you suggest out of the listed models in the thread title? Asus ROG GL552JX DM291D Core I7 4750HQ 4GB 1TB 15 6" Full HD 4GB Graphics | eBay Lenovo Y5070 59441760 Core I7 4720HQ 4GB 1TB 15 6" Fullhd 2GB GTX 960M GDDR5 |...
  13. T

    high range wifi ap

    I need to setup a wifi range signal for atleast 2 acres open area here at a school.. the school had a bsnl broadband connection.. wifi signal should be in school ground .and 30-40 users will connect to it.. Can i use the outdoor aps cpes sold by tp link .. Tell me the steps.
  14. Pein

    wifi router for mtnl 2mbps broadband connection..

    hello guys, i have mtnl 2 mbps broadband connection..with mtnl wifi modem 450tc1[ range 30 to 40 m ]. the modem is on first floor and i live on second floor,till now i was using asus wireless adapter n10 and it worked flawlessly. but there is no wifi range on 3rd or 4th floor.i called mtnl...
  15. Akira

    Recommend a Wifi router with good range

    I already have a modem, on an Airtel Broadband connection. My budget is Rs. 2k max. The area of the floor I need the router on is around 2500 sqft. I tried a Tenda FH330 with 4 external antennae, but it's WAN port was faulty, so had to return it. I don't need dual band, or USB. But a stable...
  16. mitraark

    Speakers 5.1 for PC 15k large room

    Need a 5.1 Speaker setup to use with my PC which is used mostly for FIFA ( and maybe the occasional gaming ), and watching music videos. The room I'll use it in is really large, 20ft x 12ft and 13 ft high, if that matters. Budget was initially 10k but after going through the specs and reviews...
  17. Ironman

    Latest Laptop (Within 33000)

    I am in a Hurry (Will buy this week) - Sorry about that - Please Give me your valuable advice & opinions. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) ~30,000 Can Stretch to Max 33000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop...
  18. anky

    PC for Gaming 45-50k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Will be using VM, and movies , gaming and other general tasks. games - should be able to run games like GTA 5 , metal gear, assassins creed syndicate and other latest games at least on medium...
  19. AshurainX

    Phone for 5k~ only to play clash of clans?

    Buying one for my cousin. cheaper the better cos he needs a mobile only to play that. I can see so many options around that price range - all 3 android one phones, Redmi 1s & 2, asus zenphone 4 and a few others. So which one do you guys recommend?
  20. R

    32" TV Help

    Hey guys, my first thread here! Im looking for a new 32" TV, for movies and PS4. I'm looking at the following TVs.. Sony KLV-32R306, Panasonic TH-32C400D Any others around the same price range people can suggest??? Thanks Rav :mrgreen:
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