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just cause 2 laptop

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keen to learn..
hye all.
One of my friend have the budget of 50k for a computer system. He is more inclined towards a Laptop. so you people suggest the best laptop for the games like :
1. Mafia 2
2. GTA 4
3. just cause 2
4. crysis

with all settings on and smooth gameplay.
Can dell XPS 14-15 serve the same ?
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My suggestion would be to buy a VFM laptop or desktop for some 30k and an xbox 360 (or a PS3). You need to spend atleast 60k to get a laptop that can play most of the current gen games with ease at mid to high settings.


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Although these are respectable laptops, but they dont have new Sandy bridge architecture.

You can opt for Acer Aspire TImelineX 4820TG, Lenovo Y560, Dell XPS 17 etc..
You will get these under 50K..

or wait for more time, till the new Laptops with new architecture drop the prices.

Don't go for HP laptops since, since almost 50% of Owners face problems within the 2nd month of usage, like Hinges break, worst Trackpad in Laptops, Keyboard buttons wear out etc.


keen to learn..
Thanx guys for replying.

Guys tell me
'the common user who does computing, movies, surfing and gaming' should go for such a pricy laptops.?

What are the benefits of laptops over desktops other than the portability ?


the xps15 series comes with the sandy bridge processors already the range starts at 48k and can be customized to gt540 which can play most of these games at moderate settings.............
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