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The problem is on every nougat rom lol :(
Even OP3 stock nougat has that problem

Then its a bug on source!! Chances are high it will be fixed soon!

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^Again call center guy(obviously random) of JiO CC(according to you which is false or untrue or whatever else) confirmed that night unlimited(2~5a.m.) will be available for PRIME USERS of JiO ONLY.

Just go to Jio.com and their's giant-ass comparison table that shows the difference between Jio Prime and Non-Prime.. Do you think they would miss an opportunity to showcase how only Prime customers get that night unlimited?? Also Night unlimited is a Unique thing that only exists on JIO. So No, its not insignificant to leave!! The answer is so clear, they removed it silently to avoid any backlash and put up a clever worded FAQ!! After all these things, if you still wanna believe that random CC person's word, by all means go ahead!! I won't bother you anymore!!


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You are doing the same thing they did!! Its still confusing whether they mean YES or NO

Common sense obviously says as there is NO CLEAR RESPONSE about the matter, that automatically means NO. However I will more than happy to be proven wrong.


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Guys,any of you have any idea or info about the unlocking of JiOFi2/JiOFi3 wireless hotspot router device, for other sim cards???


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After some careful thought and reflection on some past experiences, I've decided to get Jio Prime. Well worth with all the magazines etc. Let's see how much the service improves from April.


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Till no official confirmation that 2-5 AM unlimited download is discontinued, since 3-4 days.


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^the best part is... Competition is getting tough for Jio (excluding Jio app services) as others are offering similar type of plan..
Consumer is king...


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I would give away 99 rs to jio just for the sake of making the other operators kneel in the past six months. These greedy suckers were worst than real leech definitely needed a kick, damn was paying 250 bucks every month and still had to be afraid of finishing up of data allowance.

Thank you Jio for changing the whole game.

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