1. J

    JioFi vs alternatives

    Hi Friends, I'm thinking of getting JioFi. Or something very similar(cheap/reasonable). Does anyone have experience in this case ? Is there any good competition for JioFi from other carriers like !dea,Vodafone,Airtel,Tata or others ? (Google wont give me much on this one) I've been searching...
  2. PradeepSN

    ACT Blast Promo Plan is Incredible

    Wooww!! 1TB data with 100 Mbps is really huge that too just for 1049. Waiting for what Jio is going to offer. Definitely it will be bigger than ACT :emoji_joy::emoji_joy: .
  3. S

    Is Jio Media Cable is avilable for Sale?

    Can anybody suggest link to buy Jio Media Cable online? I am wandering from last 1 week.
  4. V

    airtel broadband vs reliance jio

    I'm using airtel broadband for my desktop paying rs. 1033/month for 40 gb @ 8 mbps. Reliance jio's 303 plan for 28 GB sounds inviting. What are the issues one could face using jio for desktop via Tethering? What would be the connection speed and stability in such case? Is it a good idea?
  5. Charley

    Summer Surprise offer from Reliance Jio

    Latest news from Jio is that if anyone does a single recharges for Rs.303, it is valid till June 30. What will happen to those people who recharged for Rs.149 and want the Rs.303 offer?
  6. B

    Weird issues with Jio

    Hello Friends, I got a Jio sim and put in my S7 along with a Vodafone sim. Jio is in Sim 1 slot and Vodafone is Sim 2 slot. If both sims are on then I am not able to place any calls from the Jio sim, I can't even call a Jio number. I dial a number and that's it no dial tone no nothing. As...
  7. S

    Am I at the risk of losing my mobile number?

    I'm studying in Delhi, originally from Patna. I wanted to port my Vodafone number to Jio. I could do in Delhi because they ask for a local Aadhaar for eKYC. I was literally forced to do a national MNP and take the SIM to Delhi. But the situation is, I've put the porting request and porting...
  8. windchimes

    Urgent - Need a phone in 5000/6000 range which supports Jio

    Hi, This is for an urgent need. Can anyone suggest a good 4G phone that can support Jio and costs INR 5000 MAXIMUM ( + 1000 ( if its worth investing).)
  9. P

    Reliance extends Jio free voice data till March

    In a move aimed at rapidly doubling its subscribers to over 100 million from 52 million now, Reliance Jio on Thursday announced the extension of freebies, including free voice call, and data services till March 31, 2017 through a “Jio Happy New Year” offer. “I want to announce today... that...
  10. rohitshakti2

    How to open Music Files & magazines Downloaded by Jio Using Another Apks

    Hi friends, I am using Jio connection. Jio music & video downloads files and stores them on the mobile. But when I try to open these files from another music apk, these could not be opened. Secondly I am also using Jio magazine apk which downloads magazines in pdf form with a password and...
  11. Charley

    Reliance Jio 4G Sim in Lenovo K5 Note

    How to configure the 4g jio sim in Lenove K5 Note for voice calls and internet?
  12. Cyberghost

    Reliance Jio creates world record: 16 million subscribers in one month

    Reliance Jio has announced today that the the network has created a world record by crossing 16 million in total subscribers during the first month of operations. Reliance Jio rolled out its full 4G services to the public on September 5, and became open to most smartphone brands that the SIMs...
  13. rohitshakti2

    Songs downloaded using Jio not working on other mobiles

    Hi friends I have a Jio sim and I have downloaded many songs using their apk 'jio music' but when I copy those songs to other phones, they are not working, can anyone help how to remove it's protection from Jio apk. 2ndly is there any method to play mobile videos in n ok n wifi tv using...
  14. Ironman

    [Buying Advice Needed ]Data Card - Dongle - Compatible with Jio 4G

    As far as my Knowledge Goes: Jio 4G requires 4G LTE (FDD and TDD - Both) Bands 850 / 1800 / 2300 - Mhz (All Three) Band Selection & Usage Depends Upon Availability and Network Signal . Please Tell me Which Data Card to Buy , Which Company , From Where etc . By Data Card i Mean...
  15. Ironman

    Data Card - Buying Advice

    Long Story Short I want to use Jio 4G in Data Card But As far as i Know , Jio 4g uses Both FDD LTE and TDD LTE channels Bands Used - 850 , 1800 , 2300 So Please tell me which Data Card to buy , that WILL support Jio Sim and Has atleast 1800 and 2300 Compatible . And Hurry ...
  16. TechnoBOY

    Reliance Jio selling user data to ad networks in USA, Singapore: Anonymous

    Anonymous, the hacktivist group, has claimed to have uncovered data on Reliance Jio selling Indian user data to foreign ad networks for monetary gains. According to Anonymous, two of Reliance Jio's apps, MyJio and Jio Dialer, are sending user data to an advertisement network called Mad-Me, based...
  17. TechnoBOY

    Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards

    Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards » Phone Rada
  18. S

    Jio Fiber FTTH

    Source: Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans to start at Rs 500: Report A speedtest posted by a Jio fiber user: 772433270126641153
  19. S

    LYF USB theater giving 1/4 speed after updating APN!

    I used to get 600KBps in LYF flame 4 handset with Jio. If I tether that device with my PC using a USB cable, I get a speed of 2.4-3 MBps. I bought this Flame 4 only to get faster internet in PC. recently I had issues with YouTube video not properly loading in Jio, made a complaint, a technician...
  20. tkin

    Reliance JioFi2 Mini Review

    Device: Reliance JioFi 2 Portable Wifi hotspot Cost: 2899/- Benefits: 3 months free data+free calls+free sms. Box contents: One router, one 2300 mah battery, one power brick, one usb cable. Pros: Looks: The new wifi router is a small, pebble shaped device, you can check the pics...
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