1. G

    How to change NAT type

    Hi guys, A Jio users here.I am use internet for PC using my LYF mobile, works fine - nice speed and all that sh*t.But there are some problems.The strict NAt type ! As any gamer would know, that is bad :( So, do you guys know how to change the NAT type for Jio ? If it doesn't works for the...
  2. S

    LYF USB theater giving 1/4 speed after updating APN!

    I used to get 600KBps in LYF flame 4 handset with Jio. If I tether that device with my PC using a USB cable, I get a speed of 2.4-3 MBps. I bought this Flame 4 only to get faster internet in PC. recently I had issues with YouTube video not properly loading in Jio, made a complaint, a technician...
  3. bajaj151

    Help: Hotspot to DDWRT

    I was using BSNL broadband & downloading the files in Pen drive connected to Asus RTn13u (DD WRT) but now I bought myself lyf handset. How to configure router so that I am able to download in pen drive through lyf handset hotspot.
  4. Rajat_Biswal

    Jio 4G

    Jio 4G speed is super amazing. This is the speed I got using Jio. 4 to 7MB/s or as average speed of 5MB/s To get Jio SIM Contact Reliance Jio employee, anyone selling LYF smartphone at you local place or register on Then you have to buy any LYF smartphone. But I'll say buy those...
  5. garfield_56

    Mobile---rs.10,000--not n73/70

    heya..frenz... i want to buy a new mobile within RS.10-12000... preferrably nokia....but for a change...sumthing else will also do! its main features shud be::: ~~long battery lyf, `` Fast( speed is a must!!) ~~durable ~~stylish nd yes....i dont want n70 or n73....sumthing else... Any...
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