Issues Vista SP1 will fix

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Apart from a general improvement of Reliability, Performance & Compatibility, Vista SP1 is expected to specifically do the following:

* Reduce of the number of UAC prompts from four to one when creating or renaming a folder at a protected location

* Improve by 25 % local file copying on the same disk on the same machine

* Improve by 45 % the speed of copying files from a remote non-Windows Vista system to a SP1 system

* Speed up by 50 %, the rate of copying files from a remote SP1 system to a local SP1 system

* Improvement of compatibility with third-party diagnostic tools that rely on raw sockets

* Improve the reading time for large images by approx 50 %

* Improve the time to resume from standby for a particular class of USB hubs by around 18 %

* Improve the performance of user login on corporate PCs outside of the corporate environment so that it is comparable with login inside companies

* Addition of a password hint during the initial set up of Windows Vista SP1.

* It will resolve many of the most common causes of crashes and hangs in Vista, especially those involving Windows Calendar, Windows Media Player and a number of other drivers included with Vista.

More on Vista SP1 at WinVistaClub.


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It seems it is mainly concerned with copying stuff.
I didnt find anything abnormal there.may be i didnt notice..
Anyway thanks for the this ALL?or still many to be fixed?


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If that's true, there will be sudden boost of sales for Vista.

Just a doubt, I read that vista SP1 RC1 is not that good. It didn't increase Vista's performance and resolved very less number of issues
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