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is LTE Technology available in India ?


In the zone
I was just wondering. If the iPad-3 does come out with the LTE Technology in the U.S, will it be of any use here in India ? is the LTE Technology available in India ?


Cyborg Agent
Presently spectrum allocation is going on.. This is the second round for spectrum allocation where the 1st round was held in 2010..
Once allocation is done it would be available in a year den..


LTE already? I want better batteries first and cheaper 3G.

3G is just about affordable now. LTE might be too niche for now.

I expect to see it however in 3+ years.
heard airtel is going to launch lte services pretty soon. First city to receive is kolkata. But man, prices will be soaring high.


Legend Never Ends
This technology is coming no doubt. The Relaince price is too good to be true. But the high dongle prices by Airtel really pushed me back.


~Bulletproof Monk~
Airtel has launched it in Kolkata

@Serpent16 - Its a 'hilarious' joke, must have been 10 Rupees per MB


Gaming hardcore
with congress going mad to increase revenue by spectrum allocation we can again face high call and msg rates... :(


Broken In
Airtel 4G has been launched in Bangalore, they are charging Rs 999 for 6 GB. Which is ok but the initial cost of modem is 8k, which is exorbitant and very high.
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